Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Updates this summer has been bananas. Literally...I've eaten a ton of bananas. I have been working out and still eating lowfat raw vegan. I actually had about 2 weeks where I ate cooked vegan, and got extremely extremely ill. :(

I'm doing really well with the diet and don't necessarily feel like calling myself anything really. I guess I keep defining it b/c so many people ask. I eat the foods that I love that love me back. I am feeling at an all-time high these days...physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My meditation practice has evolved tremendously and I am dedicating a great deal of time to my love of fitness.

I am training smarter these days and not longer. I also got a full-time job and am putting Kennedy in daycare AND Kindergarten!!!!!!!!!! So right now is the process of evaluations, therapeutic aides, paperwork and trial runs. She is such a big gyrl and is so ready for all of this. I set the bar high for her and every time she surpasses it!

I turned 29 and had a blast in NYC for my birthday. Kay turned 5 last week and have a 4-5 day long celebration!

I just wanted to update everyone and to say that things are really moving along. I am crazy busy, but will be making a new site soon for my personal training (raw vegan style!!!!!!!!!!) I can't wait!

Start today taking care of yourself....


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