Friday, August 21, 2009

August....long August on Full-Time

For some reason, this month seems longer than others....hmmmm I am in such a transitional phase of my life. SO much is changing and shifting. So much of who I am and what I believe in has become so foundational for my existence.

My daughter has made leaps and bounds. She is in a full-time typical early learning center setting with an aide and is gearing up for part-time Kindergarten this Fall. She is so excited about all of her school supplies and her new bookbags. Yes two bookbags. One for the Fall /Winter and one for the Spring/Summer!

I am working full-time doing something near and dear to my heart. I am the Children and Youth director for inner-city and "at risk" youth. I am touching lives and being sooooooooooo blessed in the process.

My diet has been so-so. Financial problems are making it nearly impossible to be 100% raw. The movement doesn't like for you to admit that very obvious fact that we all can't grown and pay for all that food. Well,, I am doing about 60% raw right now. I feel great and am actually not that worried about it for once. I am always vegan of course, but am worried about strength and feeling good...both of which I do. Of course it was a period of sluggishness and bad bowels when I came down off of my 100% raw high, but I don't fret. When my money gets better, I will be back at it. There are no rules...I make them as I go and so long as I am conscious of where my food comes from and that I remain vegan at ALL times regardless of anything else.

So that's my update for now. I know that things will regulate and slow down and I should be able to post more regularly. I'm in CA for another week and then it's back to the grind on the East Coast. Full-time job, Full-time school, Full-time single mommie Full-time Vegan



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