Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Happenings...

Wow...this week has flown by! I have tons of schoolwork to do...

My car battery died last nite and even after a jump...was still dead this morning. I wasn't upset. I was so grateful that I had the money to get it taken care I brought it somewhere and got a new battery in!!!

I just finished eating a warm bowl of red beans and brown rice...New Orleans style sans the beef and pork..yuck!

I'm taking my dinner with me because I work until 9 pm....

My next post will be about how my exercise and fitness plans are going....

Oh, before I get off...don't wait until January 1, 2010 to start any sort of "plan"..there is truly no moment like the one we are in RIGHT NOW....but more on that later


Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Raw Jayna's Way...

Cacao Ice Cream with Raisins and Pumpkin Seeds
Crazy Green Superfood Smoothie

My Staple Winter Kale Salad

"Appreciate yourself and honor your soul"- Yogi Tea

Hi Everyone! (If anyone still reads this ;-) SO much has happened in the past zillion months. I am not sure where to begin.
Let's start with the basics....DIET.... raw is awesome and it's the only thing that makes absolute 100% sense. I have done so much meditation around diet /exercise and have come to ALL new conclusions. And now that my daughter is 5 years old, I need to have this figured out. I don't want her to grow up with a weird relationship with food or confused about healthy/vs/unhealthy.

I have been following what I call a "Sane Diet"'s of course 100% vegan, very high raw...some days all raw....some days not. Single mommie life is tough sometimes. I have to be very careful with my money and what I spend on groceries. My daughter is still 100% vegan, gluten free, and soy free. This diet for the both of us is sane because it represents eating the best food on the planet, in moderate portions and at the best times. Stopping eating early enough to rest the system before bed...3 hours before ...

I still let her be a kid and she has her version of "junk" food...just nothing like typical junk. Geez they do call it JUNK for a reason! Back to the point.... I started dreaming about superfoods and the second the wind blew on the North East Coast, I wanted warm filling foods...LFRV my ass. I follow my instincts. I have found though that if I tell myself that I can eat some cooked vegan stuff, I go off the charts. Therefore, I have to save my cooked food for dinner and make sure that I am sticking to whole unprocessed foods for the most part.
How could I ever ever think to stop eating superfoods??? OH MY GODDESS. I had crazy fruit brain or something. I truly am an ecstatic being and I help myself transport into other realms when I eat superfoods...I missed them...and they missed me! I am still slowly consuming cacao...although I had a huge smoothie with it tonite!
Things I've been eating...
GF steel cut oats
Almond butter
Kale Salad
Green smoothies
Green juice
Veggie juices of all kinds
Lentil soup with veggies (homemade)
Beans/brown rice (homemade)
Flax Crackers (loaded with veggies)
Homemade salad dressing
Sweet potatoes
Lots of tea
Tons of water

I had to start to think about what makes common sense to me living on the East Coast. What is financially feasible for my pockets and what lifestyle can I maintain. I don't have a problem being 100% raw...I've done that thru a hard East Coast Winter...however, I was a two income household and I spent about $1000 month on groceries...I damn sure can't do that anymore.

In the bitter, freezing wind it makes sense to want something warm on my tummy. So I've been researching a ton and just using my body as the compass for right and wrong. Ideally, I would live on a tropic island in Haiwaiian and eat bananas and coconuts...buuuuuuttttttt I live in PA and it's like 20 degrees. I need warm foods in my body...natural- whole- organic (as often as I can) in order to feel fulfilled.

So as a part of life detox program...

I skin brush
I meditate
I journal
I write
I paint
I draw
I breathe deeply.
So basically, I'm eating natural, normal authentically and in alignment with my spiritual self and seeking pleasure anywhere else but food.

So onto the best phase of my life...I have 6.5 months before I turn 30...I'm already scheming about my 2010 plans to get ready for the next decade of my life.


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