Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fitness and Revelations Take 2

Okay...so I'm still pissed off and mad as hell getting over losing my post earlier. I would love to say I'll put as much effort into this one, but I SO won't. Sorry...that's just my mood right now.

For the people that continue to find it necessary to email me about not being 100%--- lay off....seriously. I believe in clean, VEGAN, nutrition. For ME being 100% raw with the $1000/month grocery bill and 20 ingredient crackers/pizzas wasn't working for me. I'd rather lightly steamed veggies and sweet potatoes. I'm not offended that you unsubscribed or don't agree with my choices, but don't harass me either. Funny enough, earlier when I typed this out, I was much nicer! Oh well...that's the truth about how I am feeling.

As promised...here is the fitness routine I've been following. I'll post more on fitness regularly, but briefly because I'm pissed I have to type it over here is the routine I'm doing for the next 4 weeks from Oxygen Magazine. This comes from an issue years and years ago.

I warm up for about 10-15 light minutes on the crosstrainer or the treddy.

1. DB squats 
2. One arm row 
3. Romainian DeadLift (stiff legged) 
4. Incline DB Press 
5. Sumo Squats 
6. Seated shoulder Press 
7. Lunges with Glute lift 
8. Overhead tricep extension 
9. Seated Bicep Curls 

Sometimes on the last set, I will do a drop set. To me there is nothing like lifting weights. You can't spot reduce fat, but you can spot "build" or sculpt your body with weights. Or as we call em "iron pills". I will be certified as a trainer within a month. I know this is a great direction for me. It allows me to combine what I do and love best with what I truly know. I understand weight loss and the mental anguish that comes with losing motivation, having no one who believes or supports you, struggling financially, and having a million things going on in your life that you feel are preventing you from taking care of yourself. The "tomorrow" will NEVER come. If you ever say to yourself, "I will stop eating ice cream tomorrow" you have lost the battle.

Start NOW. Start at home. Stop reading this and do 5 pushups on your knees and 10 jumping jacks. Just do SOMETHING to flip a switch in your brain and start becoming a new person. A better person. The highest version of yourself. The only way to truly have change happen is to DO IT. If you keep waiting on someone else to join you...you've LOST THE BATTLE. If you are waiting for your boyfriend/partner to want to eat healthy, or until after the 4th of July or until AFTER summer vacation...you've ... say it with me... LOST-THE-BATTLE. And trust me, there are plenty more important battles to fight.

Here are some youtube clips of my favorite favorite people in fitness. Before I put the clips on here, I actually had someone tell me today that should never refer to other fitness professionals or trainers because people won't hire me or consult with me. My response was simple: I was put here to plant and water the seeds of success and motivation for people (esp moms) to live a fit and healthy life. I will do whatever it takes to help people get there. I do have to make a living, but I won't do it in fear. I am here and writing this blog to SUPPORT, EDUCATE, INFORM and INSPIRE. I certainly hope that it is.

Here are the clips!

Zuzanna  is one of the most inspiring women in fitness to me! She is lean and fit and firm and not afraid of muscles. Neither am I. I highly suggest you follow along with her FREE workouts if you are short on time or can only workout at home. Below is one of my favorite workouts of hers.

If you can look at her and not see how SICK AWESOME she is...I don't know what to say :)

Holly Rigsby of FitYummyMummy is wicked fit. She also has program for working out AT HOME with limited equipment. She is very pregnant right now and still rocking her workouts!

I don't believe in the supplements that they provide, but this series is awesome.

Jennifer Nicole Lee is a mom and has lost about 70 lbs just like me! I wish wish wish I could train with her one day...ahhhhhhh

And lastly, it wouldn't be right if I didn't incorporte the fabulous Jillian Michaels. I love when people call me the Black Jillian. What a freaking compliment!!!!!!! Jillian, like me, is all about getting to the psychology behin WHY you are overweight to begin with. Powerful powerful stuff!.

Okay, I am off to hug my baby gyrl. I'm super sore from a crazy crazy kick ass workout that I did today. Ouchie wouchie! I love it though!

See ya tomorrow. I'm getting Kay early and we are heading to D.C. to visit allllllllllllllllll the monuments and hope to sneak and see Barack or Michele going to and fro!

Weights & Veggies,

Fitness and Revelations

My entire post that took me 1 hour was deleted....

I'm frustrated. If I feel like it, I'll post it again. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

My 30th Bday Weekend with Kennedy


Yes I promised a fitness blog and it's coming, but I turned 30!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited!   Yes I am NOT one of those people who is upset about aging. I love it. Super excited to leave my crazy 20s behind and step into a new decade full of promise and hope. People kept asking me what big plans I made to go out and I honestly didn't think to make any. I am quite boring.  I love simple things. Hanging with Kennedy is the best time of life. Here are some pix from our weekend. I felt great to be a vegan this weekend.

On Saturday we went to Farm Sanctuary. Kennedy was right in her element. I was tearful at several points as we got personal stories of farm animals who barely escaped the trips to the slaughterhouse. My soul was at peace there on the 175-acre farm. Wow...it was totally amazing.

Then, the next day which was Sunday the 27th (my birthday!) we went to Baltimore to visit the National Aquarium, but not before stopping by our favorite Gluten Free and Vegan restaurant on the East Coast!

 To make it better it was the designated day that 10% of all proceeds went to the Humane Society of the US!! Wow. There was a table with animal rights info and Kennedy told the guy, "I know all about this stuff"... lol

Saw this cool sign when I went to the Independent Theater
My bday and no pix of me! I know I know. This is the best I could get at the end of the nite at the theather! That's a soy chai latte in my hand. Dunno why I'm craving so much soy. Hope I don't grow a mustache!

There is so much I want to leave behind in my 20s , so much I'm looking forward to in my 30s. There indeed is a wisdom that comes with age and experience. I can feel it in my bones. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What I've Been Up To..

First of all....thank you so much for the love and support coming back to blogging. It's weird because you wonder if anyone will ever care or if you should just keep it to yourself. I chose to restart the blog because I hope it helps someone find or continue on the road to a BALANCED, healthy life with diet and exercise. So, thanks thanks thanks for the warm welcome back.

Now..on to the important news. I have been (exhale) consumed with caring for my princess. Kennedy began to get sick about 6 months ago. It progressively got worse. We did a myriad of tests and they discovered a rare brain abnormality. She also did tests for her spinal cord. She will be having brain and spine surgery on July 21st of this year.

I would appreciate all of the prayers and thoughts you can muster up. Her blog (which I will update soon) is www.kennedyschiari.blogspot.com. You can email her at kennedychiari@gmail.com. She loves to get emails especially those ecards! It is pronounced KEY-are-EE. I CAN't underline the links while doing this post, but I will be sure to add the direct hyperlinks later or tomorrow.

Some days are rough...some are perfect. She is a sweet little girl who deserves nothing but the best. As you can imagine, life has been a bit stressful. What one of the gifts of this condition and surgical procedure is that it forces me to pay attention to what is important.


*I took a leave of absence from work---still figuring out money stuff

*I took a leave from school--- cried for two weeks straight about this one.

*Realized who my true friends were---some people stopped calling as if it were too much foe them to handle. They stopped inviting us to stuff because she was sick so often they just crossed us off their list.

However, in spite of all of this I am still so grateful. Grateful that we found it in time before it did more damage to her spine. Grateful that I am healthy enough to truly take care of her. Grateful that her neurosurgein is one of the best. Just grateful for today.

So, if you have kids, neices\nephews, grandkids or neigjbors...hug em tight.

Next blog: all about fitness!!! I can't wait to share what I've been up to and what's coming next!

- Posted by Vegan Fit Mama

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Diet Recreated and Redefined

Oh Hello!!!!!

I toyed with the idea of starting an entirely different blog. The title would be focused more around something "vegan" than something "raw". I decided in the end to keep this blog. It will show my evolution along this path and that may be able to help someone else. What I am finding in the raw community is a lot of people that are changing from being vegan or from being raw are not being honest about it. The pressure to be 100% is so great, they can't let up. Maybe having my transformation logged here will assist someone along their journey. Therefore, I will keep it the same.

Okay... There is so much going on I don't even know where to start... hmmmm let me start with food and fitness.

On the "Food Front"... I have done this vegan diet every way that you can think of doing it. Being a vegan is nonnegotiable for me. I am energetically aligned in a way that I can not participate in the harm/torture of any being therefore being vegan is an easy dietary choice. Being 100% raw has been an interesting process....very interesting. As a 100% vegan, I felt amazing. I was full of energy and full of life. I was financially strapped however. It's true. I was. Nuts are expensive. Well, after 18 months of 100%.... I mean never swaying for even one gluten free tortilla...I had a strong draw away from complicated nut/seed/dehydrated mixtures and felt a pull towards simple cooked gluten free foods like GF oats, lentils, brown rice, steamed veggies. It felt normal and natural. While I survived a subzero East Coast winter 100% raw, it didn't feel natural. I wanted a baked sweet potato, but I had tremendous will power so I never caved. I passed up locally grown organic steamed kale, in favor of conventional bananas from Mexico???? I felt out of alignment and ungrounded. I stopped being able to process and digest nuts the way I used to and even started to gain a few pounds. People said it was because of the high fat in my diet (avocados, tahini, nuts), but without them, I felt hungry. So I asked myself, is eating ONE sweet potato actually a bad thing? It will fill me up the way a dehydrated pizza would with about 600 less calories!  I toyed with that and everything changed.

I don't like to do percentages with raw food. So, suffice it to say I started eating lots of raw and lots of cooked vegan mainly Gluten/Soy Free foods. Ahhhh I felt so balanced. THEN I felt a draw to 100% raw again. Started eating 100% fruit. Felt great for 2 months then BAM. Flat on my face. Started craving every cooked processed vegan junk food known to man. I indulged and then felt horrible.

Ha ! I finally realized something. When I eat a balanced clean cooked/raw vegan diet low in fat... I Feel amazing. Anything else, I feel "off". As raw food is becoming more of packaged products and less of focusing on the source, I feel confident in my decision to eat cooked/raw. Some days I eat mainly cooked foods, some days mainly raw, some days there is a 50/50 balance.

So on the "Food Front", I am feeling really healthy and balanced and I feel like I finally have an excellent handle on this Raw Vegan thing! It is so empowering. I wish I had figured it out sooner and not wasted so much time thinking about this process. Geez...how totally bonkers!

Typical Day in my life....

I respect the process of LIGHT-HEAVY-MEDIUM-LIGHT.... for example
Green Juice-large lunch-smoothie-juice/fruit

HOWEVER...I workout a lot and I need energy. My body does well with my plan which is...

Typical Day in my life....

*Breakfast--- GF Oatmeal Wild blueberries Flaxseeds
                      Green smoothie
*Snack-----  Green Smoothie/fruit
*Lunch------ Salad with Asain inspired dressing (think nama shoyu, gingerish), sweet potato, steamed mushrooms and veggies
*Snack----- Fruit
*Dinner---- GF wrap with hummus (sometimes raw or cooked), stuffed with massive raw veggies
*Dessert---- Teeccino with raw/cooked dessert

I've found that you won't crave cooked desserts, but the raw desserts are sooooooooooo high in fat and nuts my stomach aches now when I eat them!

"Fitness Front"

You know I love working out. I love sweating and pushing my body to the limits. Aside from some stressful stuff (more tomorrow), I have been on my game. Mainly old school stuff... push ups, burpees, plyos, crazy stuff. I'll post more about it in the upcoming days.

Just wanted to say I'm back. Tomorrow I will explain ALL of why I've been away and I'm sure you will understand.



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