Monday, June 28, 2010

My 30th Bday Weekend with Kennedy


Yes I promised a fitness blog and it's coming, but I turned 30!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited!   Yes I am NOT one of those people who is upset about aging. I love it. Super excited to leave my crazy 20s behind and step into a new decade full of promise and hope. People kept asking me what big plans I made to go out and I honestly didn't think to make any. I am quite boring.  I love simple things. Hanging with Kennedy is the best time of life. Here are some pix from our weekend. I felt great to be a vegan this weekend.

On Saturday we went to Farm Sanctuary. Kennedy was right in her element. I was tearful at several points as we got personal stories of farm animals who barely escaped the trips to the slaughterhouse. My soul was at peace there on the 175-acre farm. was totally amazing.

Then, the next day which was Sunday the 27th (my birthday!) we went to Baltimore to visit the National Aquarium, but not before stopping by our favorite Gluten Free and Vegan restaurant on the East Coast!

 To make it better it was the designated day that 10% of all proceeds went to the Humane Society of the US!! Wow. There was a table with animal rights info and Kennedy told the guy, "I know all about this stuff"... lol

Saw this cool sign when I went to the Independent Theater
My bday and no pix of me! I know I know. This is the best I could get at the end of the nite at the theather! That's a soy chai latte in my hand. Dunno why I'm craving so much soy. Hope I don't grow a mustache!

There is so much I want to leave behind in my 20s , so much I'm looking forward to in my 30s. There indeed is a wisdom that comes with age and experience. I can feel it in my bones. 


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