Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Diet Recreated and Redefined

Oh Hello!!!!!

I toyed with the idea of starting an entirely different blog. The title would be focused more around something "vegan" than something "raw". I decided in the end to keep this blog. It will show my evolution along this path and that may be able to help someone else. What I am finding in the raw community is a lot of people that are changing from being vegan or from being raw are not being honest about it. The pressure to be 100% is so great, they can't let up. Maybe having my transformation logged here will assist someone along their journey. Therefore, I will keep it the same.

Okay... There is so much going on I don't even know where to start... hmmmm let me start with food and fitness.

On the "Food Front"... I have done this vegan diet every way that you can think of doing it. Being a vegan is nonnegotiable for me. I am energetically aligned in a way that I can not participate in the harm/torture of any being therefore being vegan is an easy dietary choice. Being 100% raw has been an interesting process....very interesting. As a 100% vegan, I felt amazing. I was full of energy and full of life. I was financially strapped however. It's true. I was. Nuts are expensive. Well, after 18 months of 100%.... I mean never swaying for even one gluten free tortilla...I had a strong draw away from complicated nut/seed/dehydrated mixtures and felt a pull towards simple cooked gluten free foods like GF oats, lentils, brown rice, steamed veggies. It felt normal and natural. While I survived a subzero East Coast winter 100% raw, it didn't feel natural. I wanted a baked sweet potato, but I had tremendous will power so I never caved. I passed up locally grown organic steamed kale, in favor of conventional bananas from Mexico???? I felt out of alignment and ungrounded. I stopped being able to process and digest nuts the way I used to and even started to gain a few pounds. People said it was because of the high fat in my diet (avocados, tahini, nuts), but without them, I felt hungry. So I asked myself, is eating ONE sweet potato actually a bad thing? It will fill me up the way a dehydrated pizza would with about 600 less calories!  I toyed with that and everything changed.

I don't like to do percentages with raw food. So, suffice it to say I started eating lots of raw and lots of cooked vegan mainly Gluten/Soy Free foods. Ahhhh I felt so balanced. THEN I felt a draw to 100% raw again. Started eating 100% fruit. Felt great for 2 months then BAM. Flat on my face. Started craving every cooked processed vegan junk food known to man. I indulged and then felt horrible.

Ha ! I finally realized something. When I eat a balanced clean cooked/raw vegan diet low in fat... I Feel amazing. Anything else, I feel "off". As raw food is becoming more of packaged products and less of focusing on the source, I feel confident in my decision to eat cooked/raw. Some days I eat mainly cooked foods, some days mainly raw, some days there is a 50/50 balance.

So on the "Food Front", I am feeling really healthy and balanced and I feel like I finally have an excellent handle on this Raw Vegan thing! It is so empowering. I wish I had figured it out sooner and not wasted so much time thinking about this process. totally bonkers!

Typical Day in my life....

I respect the process of LIGHT-HEAVY-MEDIUM-LIGHT.... for example
Green Juice-large lunch-smoothie-juice/fruit

HOWEVER...I workout a lot and I need energy. My body does well with my plan which is...

Typical Day in my life....

*Breakfast--- GF Oatmeal Wild blueberries Flaxseeds
                      Green smoothie
*Snack-----  Green Smoothie/fruit
*Lunch------ Salad with Asain inspired dressing (think nama shoyu, gingerish), sweet potato, steamed mushrooms and veggies
*Snack----- Fruit
*Dinner---- GF wrap with hummus (sometimes raw or cooked), stuffed with massive raw veggies
*Dessert---- Teeccino with raw/cooked dessert

I've found that you won't crave cooked desserts, but the raw desserts are sooooooooooo high in fat and nuts my stomach aches now when I eat them!

"Fitness Front"

You know I love working out. I love sweating and pushing my body to the limits. Aside from some stressful stuff (more tomorrow), I have been on my game. Mainly old school stuff... push ups, burpees, plyos, crazy stuff. I'll post more about it in the upcoming days.

Just wanted to say I'm back. Tomorrow I will explain ALL of why I've been away and I'm sure you will understand.



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