Sunday, August 29, 2010

Short Post before a Long Post

Phew! I can't begin to tell you what life has been like since my last post here. I really can't.
Kennedy had her brain and spinal surgery...her recovery has been less than optimal and she has been hosptilazed for extended stays twice since then.

I will tell the full length of her story/recovery process on her  blog later tonite. Suffice it to say, it is the toughest thing I have ever done and will ever do in my life. Watching your child in that much pain is excruciating....

Onto the food/exercise...later tonite I will make a long post with alllllllllllll that's been happening, but let me say briefly, I have been toying with the notion of a "SANE" diet...what's safe/sane and makes sense.

When I was 100% raw, I was really really thin, and had tons of energy. Yes this is true, but I never felt balanced...or grounded. I did when I ate nuts/nut butters, but then my stomach would bloat (when still digesting a kale salad with tons of tahini). IF not, I felt light and airy, but not grounded and real. THEN when I did fruitarianism, I felt amazing. The weight management was effortless, but I was totally up in the clouds. My body felt amazing, but 20 average bananas a day left me feeling like something was missing.

I have been on this journey for about 5-6 years now and I FINALLY have it down for ME. I know this is a safe, sane way to eat and approach food. Veganism is as much a part of my soul as being African American is  to me so I dont' waiver there, but I have no judgments for those who eat HUMANELY procured animal products. I would prefer the world be vegan. I hate the thought of any animal dying for some one's taste buds, but factory farming is so yesterday. That kinda cruelty and pain is soooooooooooooooo over! I will post a few online sources of humanely slaughtered animal products/meat. I know my vegan friends will kill me, but this is a part of my new "non judgment", "safe and sane" approach. I will challenge those who do eat meat to Meatless Mondays.

I maintained my awesome vegan diet even while living in the hospital with Kennedy! It was so crazy how I did it all, but I did. I setup a pantry in her room. The nurses thought it was hilarious. I was merely trying to survive. Let me not kid you...this revelation came as a result of some serioulsy bad vegan eating for a few sad months prior to the surgery. I felt so depressed and sad about this...what  better than a pint or two of 
Yummy I know....

So, just wanted you to know that I am back. She is taking one day at a time. Tonite I will regal you with ventures and stories, lessons and gifts I have acquired throughout this spiritually evolved time in my life in regards to my diet /exercise.

Let me say this to finish for now: I've never felt better...just the way I am


Katy said...

You an dyour family are in my thoughts and prayers! Youinspire me staying raw through everything.

VeganFitMama said...

Katy- thanks for leaving a comment! I'm totally vegan thru it all (of course) but not 100% raw. I'm plant based though!!! Thanks for your prayers :)

ChocolateOrchid said...

Thank you for sharing your journey and life with us. You are such a positive inspiration. I really do appreciate your honesty. It helps a lot.

I will continue to pray for your daughter's recovery and your continued strength.

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan said...

Sad to read your story. Hope your daughter is doing fine. thanks for sharing to us your story. God bless you always.


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