Friday, September 24, 2010

Kristen's Raw ebook Giveaway!


I love contest! My good long time raw food friend The Adorable Ms. Kristen is having a contest! It is for a complete set of all 10 of her ebooks! That is a deal indeed. And after she became a mommie, she totally blossomed. She is an amazing woman. And awesome inspiration and an all around goddess. I have sung her praises before. Long time readers know that I think she is the real deal--fa real. I have a few of her books...her ebooks...and I have loved and used every one. So hop on over to her blog for inspiration, information and see her super beautiful daughter Kamea (pronounced Kah-MAY-ah)---how cute is that????

   Go and leave a comment to enter! 

p.s. I bought something fantastic that I want to giveaway!

Think Tea my office as of late...aka Borders  Bookstore. Okay...I spent enough money to give clean water to a small village in a third world country, buying soy (no less :( chai tea. So.. .I bring my own awesome tea and get their water for free and tip the barista $1. Works well. Bring my own rocking snacks too. Here is what I just started drinking.

Think O2®Think-O2® promotes mental performance* by combining herbs traditionally used to enhance memory function.* The use of gotu kola, lemon balm, and rosemary to improve mental clarity and memory is supported by traditional use.* Think-O2® is a refreshingly aromatic blend of herbal tastes – slightly bitter, sweet, and spicy with mint.

It rocks. Not sure if a placebo is going on or if it really works, but either way I am happy with my concentration! I am kidding, I know it's the tea. I recommend it for those who have trouble focusing or for moms who have to mange to produce one hour of focused work in 15 minutes of actual time. 

I digress.... I have been delving deeply into my spiritual practices. This has me withdrawing from a lot of people in my life. I am not becoming a hermit, I am just sensitive right now to every one else's crap and drama. I don't want to deal actually. As a result, this "me" time is being awesomely spent moving forward in some areas in my life.

I have been taking care of Kennedy for so long... six years to be exact. Putting dreams and goals on the back burner for her. I would do it all over again, but now (thank goddess) she is progressively getting better (take away a few setbacks), I am supercharged. 

I am finding answers to life's questions on my yoga mat. I can't afford to go to the studio across town that I would love to go to. I've created on studio in the front of my bedroom. And everyday on my mat--whether it be a 8 minute or 60 minute practice-- I open my heart to the grace of God and miracles are revealed.

I have been studying the Bhagavad Gita. I am and listening. Though I am ready for my battle. Anybody else out there battling their way back into a healthy, happy life? Forging a new way? Maybe something different from what you thought you'd be doing or how you thought you'd be living? 

I have a mug from the hospital where I lived with my daughter all those long weeks. It says, "Life is all about how you handle Plan B." I drink tea from it everyday. As I do from my PSU Children's Hospital Mug. They are daily reminders of just how difficult life was such a short time ago. I am happy to move forward. Happy to be inspired.

What's inspiring you.

In light and love,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

FInding Love

Okay hold up...NOT with a guy :)... with me.    

All of the stuff that has happened with Kennedy has truly forced to me "put up or shut up" in the spirituality department. My love for God (as I know her) has expounded and I am finding myself coming up on the other side of the mountain. As Kennedy is climbing toward health and healing and am I. I am giving myself space and time to feel all of the emotions that almost losing a child brings and using all of this as a catalyst to run forth into the life I have always wanted.

People are always telling me that my life will be better and easier if I have a essence a partner. While on some counts, I am sure that is true... I am not ready for that. I am cultivating my love for myself and for Kennedy and am healing all the broken places in my soul and shining light in some very dark places. For mission is self healing, cleansing and extreme self care. My next post will be a book review of some amazing stuff that I have been reading.

I haven't had time to get to the gym and am thinking of suspending my membership for a few months. I have been moving my godpod though! yoga...weights...cardio. My approach to fitness is new and exciting and includes as much mental and spiritual fitness as it does physical fitness! As a result I am so excited about my workouts. Truth is I have always been excited about them. I am NOT the one who dreads going to the gym or working out. Being at home though has reminded me of the convenience and pleasures of working out there. I love it!!! The gym holds a soft spot in my heart, but I lost most all of my 60-70lbs at home! GASP. In fruity colored socks and tie dyed spandex pants (yep for real!)

So, I am not wasting time with my commute and am instead meditating for a LOT longer. My brain and soul are calling me to the zafu. And I find myself transported into a world of wholeness where everything makes sense. If ever I find myself seeking...anything...partner, money, peace...I remind myself that it is all inside of me.

It is slowing becoming Fall here on the East Coast. I am craving carrot apple juice...cinnamon....quinoa... sauteed spinach...sweet potatoes. Yum. I'm doing green smoothies everyday as I feel out of balance. Eating hospital food for months and frozen organic vegan tv dinners leaves you devoid of a healthy Ph. So I am on the hunt to green my godpod, clean out junk....and slowly transition into the life that I want. Accepting what by day.

How are you doing?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Okay Feast Smeast

Okay...had the best intentions, but the Fall wind blew on the East Coast and BAM like a loan officer being asked for a loan by a single Black mom, I slammed the door in my liquid fast's face!

I know...sad sad sad....But truth is ain't sad. As a feminist, I have a right to change my mind. Okay that sounds like total bullshit. What's going on is that I am practicing Extreme Self Care and what that means is doing what is best for me on every day. Somedays I am having mainly green juice and tea...somedays I am eating like a cave woman after a hunt. Whatever...Kennedy's recent surgery has taught me that life is too short. Even as I go back and reread over my blog from a few years ago, I am spiritually soooooooo different. And all of this "raw or not" , "vegan or not", seems mundane. We need vegans. We need ethically responsible parents and teachers. More than that we need love. Love for our bodies. Love for our kids. Love for the planets and love for our enemies.

So, rather than recommit to some deadlined liquid feast (which totally sounded good at the moment), Imma keep it real. And as Summer turns to Fall, respect and honor my body and give it the nutrition it needs while being very mindful to "fast" in the morning and at nite. I hear a warm steaming mug of tea calling my name right now :-)


Friday, September 10, 2010

NEW Fast Start Date & MIRACLES


Hey Green Goddesses!!                   

My mom came into town from New Orleans.... Kennedy was going to have another surgery this Wednesday... all things combined I decided to postpone the start day! Sorry to disappoint, but all the same *rules* of the fast still apply. Actually, it is really funny. One of my cousin's decided that my entire family should fast today in honor of Kennedy's miraculous recovery turn around. So today September 10th from 8-2pm, everyone is consuming only water! Isn't that fantastic!!! So... my technical start date is tomorrow. I am sure I will make a great dinner tonite for my mom while she is here. She leaves tomorrow morning and the fasting will begin!!!!

I loveeeeeeeeeee MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

33 Days of Yoga, Liquids (Smoothies, Juices & Tea)

33 Days of Focused Spiritual Fasting/Feasting

This isn't an experiment... a diet...anything about "going 100% raw again"... this is about my spiritual practice. I've been going to God and the universe to help me gain the strength that I need for Kennedy rite now. And has it been tough. Growing up Catholic, I am no stranger to sacrifice (think Lent) and feeling that longing for the very thing that you want while waiting for God's grace. Well, I've been meditating and praying/journaling like crazy these past few months and a few days ago it came to me in a still small voice....sacrifice and focus. I thought to myself, "WTF??? I have sacrificed EVERYTHING. Given up everything, lost everything to care for her through this life crisis." But in  my yoga came to me. BAM. So here I am. The number 33 was in a vivid, lucid dream that nite so that is why I settled on that number.  It seems fair right? "God, universal know-all...spare my daughter's life and restore her to vibrant health. In exchange I'll blend some greens and do focused yoga...Amen"... ha! Seems fair to me!

What is crazy is that I just went grocery shopping for really great and healthy food! So, I will have to cook it for my mom if she visits or freeze it to eat after these 33 days. I don't want to do all juice because I work out and I need/want my energy levels to be high.

What you can expect is a daily breakdown of my menu and my exercise for the day. This reminds me of my 14 Green detox I did in 2009. As with this "focused/fast/feast", there was no crazy schedule and list of stuff to buy... I just did what felt right for my body. Right now I am catering to my spiritual body. This process with Kennedy has changed me in ways that I am not even able to describe. Know that nothing makes you stronger than watching your child fight for their life....really fight--and you are totally helpless.

Spiritual Fasting feels like exactly the right thing for right now. I have made a pledge to do yoga everyone of these 33 days. Nothing fancy like, "I will do such-and-such yoga DVD for 90 minutes)... I just roll out of my mat and do a sequence that I know or roll with how my body needs to move. This is a DRASTIC difference from the Ashtanga yoga that I prefer--but there is nothing like the present for change. Listen to your body (as I have to mine). It's a wealth of information about YOU.

I get emails from people struggling with being raw...or struggling to follow a crazy yoga practice as outlined by someone else---YOU know your body best. Only you. This life is about balance and about doing what is best for YOU at any given point in time. And no one need make you feel badly because of where you stand in your life today. And no one gives you permission to feel good ...but YOU.

List to consume ...

*Green Smoothies
*Chia seeds
*Juices (green and fruit)
*Teas....yerba mate too :)

Physical Movement...

*Yoga Daily
*The usual- Cardio/Weights

Spiritual Advancement...

*Restorative Yoga
*New Vision Board

Here's to day 1! BBL to tell you how it went

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lessons Learned

Cute Sign at Whole Paycheck In Baltimore

First of all... I wouldn't know where to really begin. I feel so fortunate to have this link into what life is really all about. Before, I thought that I knew, but I didn't. I thought I knew what it was to be mindful...aware...tranquil. Now I realize that I did not. Kennedy's grace and strength...her will to live had given me new eyes from which to see. She is truly the reason that I exist and I am devoted and committed to doing ANY AND EVERYTHING to make her life and time here as memorable, fantastic as possible.

My diet... wow right? I have finally settled on what seems to truly work for moi. Veganism runs in my veins. I am do committed to living to my life following the principles of ahisma that I could not eat meat or any animal products if I tried. I honestly have no judgment about those who do.I use to be a card carrying vegan activist, shouting in the face of someone's big mac--yelling obscenities from street corners on microphones (I am serious--I did). Now I am more Ghandi with it, "My life is my message". And it is. I get so many people who think I"m barely 20 years old!! At Kennedy's school, I get the "Who are you here to pick up?" looks. I love it.

How my diet affects my life...
In my honest opinion it doesn't matter what you eat. The question is truly "How do I feel?" If you are running around with abundant energy, balanced emotions, great bowel movements...then who the hell am I to rain on your parade. Even if your diet consist of a plethora of trans fats, and process laden donut ho-hos? However, if you are like majority of people, your diet is killing you slowly...making you fat, aging your face, and giving you a host of bowel issues. Don't you want better? Everyone wants to sell you some "plan"...some "genius, one-pill-a-day" plan that will put your eating and diet back on track. NO NO NO NO NO! Not gonna happen. Truth is...most of us know what to eat. We know what to do. We need someone to be accountable to and someone to help guide us along the way. Hopefully that's where I come in!!!I am using allllllll of my "expertise"--hahaha--- and knowledge to put together my own little buziness. More in the weeks to come though---shhhh

Kay the week before surgery.. Going to the White House!

So, to wrap up the diet end of things... you are what you eat. You are worth the extra time it takes to sautee' veggies, rather than grab n go a sugary yogurt. And no one better than me understands time and financial constraints. I am the single mother of a severely ill child, living 1300 miles away from my support network. I have made tips and tricks that I know have saved my life and my diet. I only use the gauge of how well I am feeling. The weight that I picked up is melting off and I am feeling better than I have in a long time. I've lost 70lbs on my own, as a working mom/full-time student mom....stressed mom. I've gone through a stint in the NICU, severe classical Autism, progression up the spectrum, Chiari Malformation Type !, a subocciptal craniectomy & cervical lamenictomy, 2 bouts of meningitis...Okay let me stop there! My point is that I know I have a unique, realistic approach to weight loss and life long fitness. I am finally pooling it all together to make it accessible to everyone.

I have learned the lesson that life is short.

Cherish those you love.

Stand up for what you believe in.

TODAY will always be better than tomorrow.

Smile more than you cry.

Believe in something remarkable.
One of my favorite pictures of Kennedy outside of the White House

I am off to update Kennedy's blog now!


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