Monday, September 6, 2010

33 Days of Yoga, Liquids (Smoothies, Juices & Tea)

33 Days of Focused Spiritual Fasting/Feasting

This isn't an experiment... a diet...anything about "going 100% raw again"... this is about my spiritual practice. I've been going to God and the universe to help me gain the strength that I need for Kennedy rite now. And has it been tough. Growing up Catholic, I am no stranger to sacrifice (think Lent) and feeling that longing for the very thing that you want while waiting for God's grace. Well, I've been meditating and praying/journaling like crazy these past few months and a few days ago it came to me in a still small voice....sacrifice and focus. I thought to myself, "WTF??? I have sacrificed EVERYTHING. Given up everything, lost everything to care for her through this life crisis." But in  my yoga came to me. BAM. So here I am. The number 33 was in a vivid, lucid dream that nite so that is why I settled on that number.  It seems fair right? "God, universal know-all...spare my daughter's life and restore her to vibrant health. In exchange I'll blend some greens and do focused yoga...Amen"... ha! Seems fair to me!

What is crazy is that I just went grocery shopping for really great and healthy food! So, I will have to cook it for my mom if she visits or freeze it to eat after these 33 days. I don't want to do all juice because I work out and I need/want my energy levels to be high.

What you can expect is a daily breakdown of my menu and my exercise for the day. This reminds me of my 14 Green detox I did in 2009. As with this "focused/fast/feast", there was no crazy schedule and list of stuff to buy... I just did what felt right for my body. Right now I am catering to my spiritual body. This process with Kennedy has changed me in ways that I am not even able to describe. Know that nothing makes you stronger than watching your child fight for their life....really fight--and you are totally helpless.

Spiritual Fasting feels like exactly the right thing for right now. I have made a pledge to do yoga everyone of these 33 days. Nothing fancy like, "I will do such-and-such yoga DVD for 90 minutes)... I just roll out of my mat and do a sequence that I know or roll with how my body needs to move. This is a DRASTIC difference from the Ashtanga yoga that I prefer--but there is nothing like the present for change. Listen to your body (as I have to mine). It's a wealth of information about YOU.

I get emails from people struggling with being raw...or struggling to follow a crazy yoga practice as outlined by someone else---YOU know your body best. Only you. This life is about balance and about doing what is best for YOU at any given point in time. And no one need make you feel badly because of where you stand in your life today. And no one gives you permission to feel good ...but YOU.

List to consume ...

*Green Smoothies
*Chia seeds
*Juices (green and fruit)
*Teas....yerba mate too :)

Physical Movement...

*Yoga Daily
*The usual- Cardio/Weights

Spiritual Advancement...

*Restorative Yoga
*New Vision Board

Here's to day 1! BBL to tell you how it went


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