Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lessons Learned

Cute Sign at Whole Paycheck In Baltimore

First of all... I wouldn't know where to really begin. I feel so fortunate to have this link into what life is really all about. Before, I thought that I knew, but I didn't. I thought I knew what it was to be mindful...aware...tranquil. Now I realize that I did not. Kennedy's grace and strength...her will to live had given me new eyes from which to see. She is truly the reason that I exist and I am devoted and committed to doing ANY AND EVERYTHING to make her life and time here as memorable, fantastic as possible.

My diet... wow right? I have finally settled on what seems to truly work for moi. Veganism runs in my veins. I am do committed to living to my life following the principles of ahisma that I could not eat meat or any animal products if I tried. I honestly have no judgment about those who do.I use to be a card carrying vegan activist, shouting in the face of someone's big mac--yelling obscenities from street corners on microphones (I am serious--I did). Now I am more Ghandi with it, "My life is my message". And it is. I get so many people who think I"m barely 20 years old!! At Kennedy's school, I get the "Who are you here to pick up?" looks. I love it.

How my diet affects my life...
In my honest opinion it doesn't matter what you eat. The question is truly "How do I feel?" If you are running around with abundant energy, balanced emotions, great bowel movements...then who the hell am I to rain on your parade. Even if your diet consist of a plethora of trans fats, and process laden donut ho-hos? However, if you are like majority of people, your diet is killing you slowly...making you fat, aging your face, and giving you a host of bowel issues. Don't you want better? Everyone wants to sell you some "plan"...some "genius, one-pill-a-day" plan that will put your eating and diet back on track. NO NO NO NO NO! Not gonna happen. Truth is...most of us know what to eat. We know what to do. We need someone to be accountable to and someone to help guide us along the way. Hopefully that's where I come in!!!I am using allllllll of my "expertise"--hahaha--- and knowledge to put together my own little buziness. More in the weeks to come though---shhhh

Kay the week before surgery.. Going to the White House!

So, to wrap up the diet end of things... you are what you eat. You are worth the extra time it takes to sautee' veggies, rather than grab n go a sugary yogurt. And no one better than me understands time and financial constraints. I am the single mother of a severely ill child, living 1300 miles away from my support network. I have made tips and tricks that I know have saved my life and my diet. I only use the gauge of how well I am feeling. The weight that I picked up is melting off and I am feeling better than I have in a long time. I've lost 70lbs on my own, as a working mom/full-time student mom....stressed mom. I've gone through a stint in the NICU, severe classical Autism, progression up the spectrum, Chiari Malformation Type !, a subocciptal craniectomy & cervical lamenictomy, 2 bouts of meningitis...Okay let me stop there! My point is that I know I have a unique, realistic approach to weight loss and life long fitness. I am finally pooling it all together to make it accessible to everyone.

I have learned the lesson that life is short.

Cherish those you love.

Stand up for what you believe in.

TODAY will always be better than tomorrow.

Smile more than you cry.

Believe in something remarkable.
One of my favorite pictures of Kennedy outside of the White House

I am off to update Kennedy's blog now!


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