Thursday, September 16, 2010

Okay Feast Smeast

Okay...had the best intentions, but the Fall wind blew on the East Coast and BAM like a loan officer being asked for a loan by a single Black mom, I slammed the door in my liquid fast's face!

I know...sad sad sad....But truth is ain't sad. As a feminist, I have a right to change my mind. Okay that sounds like total bullshit. What's going on is that I am practicing Extreme Self Care and what that means is doing what is best for me on every day. Somedays I am having mainly green juice and tea...somedays I am eating like a cave woman after a hunt. Whatever...Kennedy's recent surgery has taught me that life is too short. Even as I go back and reread over my blog from a few years ago, I am spiritually soooooooo different. And all of this "raw or not" , "vegan or not", seems mundane. We need vegans. We need ethically responsible parents and teachers. More than that we need love. Love for our bodies. Love for our kids. Love for the planets and love for our enemies.

So, rather than recommit to some deadlined liquid feast (which totally sounded good at the moment), Imma keep it real. And as Summer turns to Fall, respect and honor my body and give it the nutrition it needs while being very mindful to "fast" in the morning and at nite. I hear a warm steaming mug of tea calling my name right now :-)



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