Monday, October 11, 2010

1/2 marathon: A 3 year old-a pine cone and a Caterpillar

Okay I wtote this post twice and it was deleted. A commmon problem lately---me not happy!

Okay anyway. The race was awesome. It was a bit too cold for my New Orleans blood, but it was fine.

I met a few women when I started out. This was great because I went out there with about 3000 people knowing NO ONE! my weak granny bladder couldn't hold on. I went twice before starting and once at mile 2---yes mile 2.

Let me say that I am no runner. Never have been one. Never wantedto be one. I do love it though. That "high" is indescribable. I did not run for "time" but rather for completion. Most people train with manuals. I used "Non-Runners Guide for Women". Lol

At mile left ankle felt iffy. Some kid tossed a pine cone from the sideline and I rolled over it with my foot. THEN at mile 4.20 my knee was NOT feeling good! When I saw a caterpillar passing me I knew it was time to stop for a second and regroup. I stopped for 2 mins and readjusted my body. I ran the other 9 miles-walking also--OUCH. I crossed the finish line in tears. Went to the ER LATER that day. Leg immobilizer for 4 days. Apparently my ITBand is a mess and possibly tore the meniscus in my knee- ugh! Good thing the PT is a cutie.

To simply complete this race meant a great deal to me. So much has happened in my life and I have had to miss two other races due to Kennedy's illnesses and hospitalizations. I am so proud of myself.

I am not an endurance runner by nature. But I will complete another 1/2 marathon next year and possibly walk/jog a full in the Fall. I haven't given up on running, but I have decided that I like my knees and walking is okay with me!

Race Morning

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ChocolateOrchid said...

Congrats on completing the marathon!! You did it! Sorry to read about your knee but I'm sure the cute PT helped to make that feel better. Lol. Hope for a full & speedy recovery.

Lol at "When I saw a caterpillar passing me".


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