Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Most Important

More important than the degree to which your food is cooked...is the state in which your food originated.

I have been researching and reading and interviewing older women who are fit and fabulous. There is a common theme---whole plant based foods.

This year 2010 has been insane for me. I fell into a deep depression as a result of Kennedy's brain surgery. All I wanted was to be alone with vegan ice cream and fries. I withdrew from the world. But, here I stand. Ready to rebuild.

So, I am starting slowly by walking and I have cleaned up my diet (cept for the occasional GF cupcakes) and wanted you all to share in my journey.

So, if anyone has had a hellova year and is ready to start rebuilding one square at a time...feel free to join me. I would love the company.

Oh yea, I will defend my Master's research thesis tomorrow to my committee. It is the first thing I got in order in my life. Wish me luck!

I love you.

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