Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Year is Upon Us--:Let's Make it Happen

It has been so crazy busy around here. I have been doing a great job with my workouts. My eats have been well during the day-- and not so well at nite time :( -- it is fine though. I am eager about the upcoming year of 2011 and am so excited to report that I have set intentions for daily (hopefully bi-daily blogging!). I talked to Kennedy about it. It would mean a little bit of time away from her, but she told me to "help other people be healthy"! I've started by saying on the blog I want to...

*detail my workouts everyday
*pictures and descriptions of my daily eats
*little anticdotes about Kennedy and my life as a single mommie of a special needs kiddo

So onto 2010... This year will be full of hope and promise. This is the year that the vision that I hold of myself is no longer just a vision, but a reality. I know that some people feel "above" the new year rituals, but I don't. I love it. It feels renewing and refreshing. I am excited about the unique possibilities. Following in the footsteps of Steve Pavlina, I am making 30 day challenges for every month of 2011. It's easier to conceptualize than an "all year" plan for 2011.

January- No processed foods. Not even one bite! I know I can do it. I am starting January 1 midnite with a green smoothie. I'll be using processed almond milk unsweetened, but that's the only thing. I can't afford to make milk from all of those almonds! I am excited about the prospect of this new month...this new year.

I am also joining the lovely goddess Shazzie for the global juice feast. It starts January 3rd and last 10 days. Who is with me?? I could really use some support. I can promise you I will be blogging daily to keep myself accountable and hopefully encourage all who participate. Go to Shazzie's blog and search "Juice". It will pull up the posts from last year's global feast. I didn't participate, but this year I am. I will be starting tomorrow with green smoothies, juice and blended meals.

If I could afford it, I would be buying Shazzie's Divinity in a Box. It looks amazing!
All products
Yet another thing I'll do in 2011. I will manifest an amazing job and financial abundance. I've been unemployeed since Kennedy's surgery and the year has been so tough. I am so hopeful about this new year.

I will be starting it off with smudging, and setting my intention to bring forth all the parts of myself that I have compartmentalized in an effort to be a whole me. Not when I lose this weight. Not when I get a job or a life partner (gonna manifest him too this year), but right now. In the space of this very moment. I know that "everything I am seeking is also seeking me". Same for you. What you want is out there...just waiting for you. Clear your space with some sage. Then set a crystal clear picture for the universe of what you want and then go steadfastly in the direction of those dreams.

So January 1st???

*smoothie/liquid feast
*wash clothes
*clean my car
*dance with Kay
*hot long detox soak
*castor oil pack

I will leave you with my favorite poem. This poem (if read slowly) can transform your entire being. Be prepared. I'll read it everyday of 2011...

Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees

for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves.

Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.

Meanwhile the world goes on.

Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain

are moving across the landscapes,

over the prairies and the deep trees,

the mountains and the rivers.

Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,

are heading home again.

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination,

calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting--

over and over announcing your place

in the family of things.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Contest Ending Extended!!!!

I have gotten the most beautiful emails lately about all the changes you all are making in your lives and wanting to make. I have been doing GREAT with the exception of this late nite snacking (tahini kale chips and baked oatmeal :) as I type and can't sleep tonite.

By December 30th please email me your life changes...all that you've been doing since the challenge began to become a better healthier you! It can be anything...just be honest and write from the heart. I am so excited to read them.

Okay...gotta run. It's almost 2 am and I have to get to bed. I need my beauty rest...well, it won't be that restful with a tummy full of kale chips. LOL

Thursday, December 16, 2010

15 Days Left--Come on. 5 Down, 5 to Go!

Hey!!!! Now that life is getting back to "normal", I have been missing posting my food and menus. Just to show you all how it has all changed in my world.

One of my lovely readers asked me by email recently if I was still raw. What's funny is that YES I consider myself raw and always will. Even my licence plate says so ;-P I don't do percentages or anything like that. It's more a focus of what food is derived from nature vs what is man made. Everyday I try to have some semblance of a green smoothie even if it's just a few leaves and one banana. For the most part, I am NOT juicing right now, but get in at least 2 juices a week. I would do more if I could afford the produce.

My menus are looking like this right now:

B: Gluten Free steel cut or rolled oats with canned organic (or non) pumpkin--no sugar added--with cinnamon and flaxseeds. 1 banana huge mug of tea
S: green smoothie
L: Salad (any green...mainly kale) with chickpeas/black beans/nutritional yeast/ any veggie I can find thrown in with quinoa on top OR a brown rice wrap wtih tons of crap thrown in
S: fruit/ green smoothie
D: stir fry....thai takeout...indian takeout....a ton of new stuff. I've been playing with ideas from my brand new cookbook! ------->Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan RecipesAppetite for Reduction

Oh me oh my. First of all...I love Isa. I love everything she has ever put out! But I really love this one because it is my EXACT style of eating. I just throw in some green smoothies and juice...few superfoods and I feel balanced.  That's what it's all about --feeling good-. I don't want to be a person playing into the "women must be thinner at all cost" craze. It's ridiculous. If you get nothing else from this blog, get that every one's body is different and our ideas of beautiful are different as well. Check her awesome blog out --->The Post Punk Kitchen. She is the real deal. I have three of her six cookbooks. I thought it best to stay away from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. they aren't GF--althought I can translate most any recipe into a GF version!

I am only 5'0" my ideal weight shouldn't be the same for someone 5'4" or 5'7". I want my body to feel whole and strong. The winter that I was 100% raw I spent a FORTUNE. I truly did. I enjoyed every meal and wouldn't take it back, but I wouldn't do it again either. Every time I sit to have a hot bowl of vegan curry lentil soup, my soul starts warming up. The other nite I sat in front of my space heater with a bowl of my mexican bean chili and thought to myself "This is what life is all about" :) When I was 100% raw, I saw cooked food as the enemy almost. That's just not healthy thinking to me. It's okay if you wanna be all raw, but NO healthy food is the enemy. If anything processed food is the enemy!

Enough of my high I went to the gym for cardio. Ahhhh like riding a bike. I'm not spending anymore time worrying about shoulda, woulda, and couldas. It's all about RIGHT NOWS. I am working to take those words out of my vocabulary. They are truly unnecessary. I ran into a dear friend whom I haven't seen in 7 months -since stopping going- we cried together right there on the treadmill. It was one of those rarely authentic, genuine moments when two souls meet. I am so happy to be back working out. My quads feel like they are gonna pop off and become fruit roll ups. But Imma push through it...5 lbs to go before Dec 31st. Nothing will stop me now!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

16 Days of 2011 Left!!!

Yikes!!!!! Let's get a head start on the new year. Anybody still with me? Last week was insane. But now...drumroll....Kennedy is cleared for now!!!!!! We don't have to really worry for about 6 months to a year! I am so excited. How did I celebrate? Aside from taking her out for yummy Thai food, I went back to my gym! Yes I did! They missed me and I missed them. After crying about the situation, my "reserved" treadmill was waiting on me. My legs are killing me, but I've never felt better. So much like myself again.

How are you holding up? Even if you have been slacking, you have over two weeks left (minus Christmas day) and you can ROCK OUT. You can still lose 5-8 lbs before this year is out and give you the motivation that you need. It starts with the fork and ends with moving your ass. Let's do it.

I am super broke these days so I rented a new workout DVD from the library: Denise Austin Get Fit Daily Dozen: 12 moves in 12 minutes. I've learned that "balls to the wall" approach is so 2005. My new life need small doses. I used to go to the gym for 2 hours a day...ummmm NOT happening anymore. I have to find a way to regain my fit, trim, solid bod without all that time in the gym. Denise has a cute approach. Reminds me of Tony Horton's !0 Minute Trainer concept.'s Wednesday...hump day... make a plan for the rest of the day and the rest of the week and the REST OF 2010 and stick to it! We can do this.

BTW...I'm 5 lbs down...1/2 way to my 10 lb goal for this part of 2010!!!!


Crazy awesome vegan blog for meals on $3.33 a day MeloMeals $3.33 a day!

Motivational blog. This blog has tons of great tips and ideas to stay uplifted Motivational Memos

My soul sista Alexandra Jaye. She is such a rock solid goddess manifesting the life of her dreams My Goddess Life

The awesome Holly at Namaste Bitches

Learn how to balance at Healthy Happy Balance. A great blend of amazing information and mouth-watering recipes!

Keep plugging away! InTenSati could be yours!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Keep Moving!!

How is it going? Of course I have had some is life. Kennedy had an MRI this week and had complications while under anesthesia. It was scary.

So my entire week was thrown off. Bad eating for a few days and no exercise all week. I am finishing school work, but will workout here a home later.

This is a quick post to remind you NOT to give up! You are worth it! You deserve it!

For all who are on task...yea!!! Keep up the good work. I believe in you.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

26 Days Left---Are Your Workouts Working Out?

Hey Fitness Sistas!!!!!!!!  How are the workouts goin? Are you doing them? Doing anything??? It's NEVER too late. Start today. Start now! Sometimes, we set ourselves up for sabotage by never giving ourselves a fighting chance. We set almost impossible standards, and then when we don't live up to them, we beat down on ourselves and say, "It will never work for me". I'm here to say STOP IT! Make a change.

Choose to go through the rest of your day without making one single complaint! Let me know how it goes.

As far as me....the other day I went for Indian food...sooooooooo spicy. I tried to workout but thought I would vomit (although it was many hours later). So, I decided to workout Saturday. My DVD was so scratched. Although it was brand new....teh 20 min workout, took me about 50 mins and I still couldn't complete it. I was frustrated and so annoyed.

Well, I wiped that attitude right out of my spirit. This morning I ran intervals on the treadmill and am off Baltimore for some healthy vegan food. Then tonite I will try that DVD again and see what happens. This week I'll be trying some new workouts On Demand. I browsed and the selection looks amazing. Time to try something new.

What's your POA (plan of attack) for the week??? I'll post mine later after I list all of the tv workouts I plan to try!!!!!

Keep the spirit! Keep the faith! 26 days until January 1...can't you imagine where you could be by then!?!?!?!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Felt Like Taking a Nap Today (but Rocked Out!)

Arg! It was one of those days...emotionally...WTF is it about getting on track? Your inner bitch who doesn't want you to succeed self-sabotage jumps in. I karate kicked her in the face! I didn't even think about it. I just got on the treadmill after dropping Kennedy and did 30 minutes of intervals. DONE. Tonite will be 20 mins of restorative yoga.

My body is feeling sore from JUST getting back in the game, but it is a feeling that is familiar and I love every ounce of the pain! Who else is sore? Who else made great food decisions or fitness accomplishments, even if it was cleaning your house with music on? I will be doing that tomorrow: cleaning with ankle weights on!! Oh yea...gonna crank the music up while Kennedy is gone and clean the entire house!

Don't be discouraged...even if you haven't JUMPED into action yet. It's not too late. It's NEVER too late. Make a decision RIGHT NOW to have fruit instead of some junky treat before bed. It's all about the small victories that lead up to the financial goal. So get planning! How are you gonna reward yourself? I'm alllllllllll ears!

Tomorrow is 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michael and old school Billy Blanks Abs!!! shhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am FIRED UP! Let's get our Mo-Jo!

Oh me oh my ladies??? I am soooooo fired up by reading all of the contestants. Let's do it! We can do it. Even if you read it and thought, "I'll start today", but didn't....stop reading and do 10 squats.. JUST DO IT. Let this change in your body, flip the switch in your mind to get into the healthy way of thinking. If you ate eighty pieces of candy today...STOP...go eat a fruit or veggie. EVEN IF YOU ARE STUFFED! This switch will put you mentally in the right place.
The Class of 2011 on East Campus
You can easily lose 10 lbs before this month is over. That's my goal and I WILL REACH IT!

Today I wanted to crawl in my warm bed after dropping Kennedy at school, but I changed my mind around. Came inside...did a quick DVD and lifted weights for about 15 minutes...I felt so amazing afterwards. I made a rewards chart for myself so as I lose this weight (again) I will get treats and spa dates. I am worth it and so are you!

What are you waiting for??? Get organized! Get a list of rewards and let's do it!!!!!!!!

Do you have workout DVDs that you haven't used in a while or want to get back into? Does your library have DVDs? Do you have Netflix? (a lot of their workouts are available in the Instant Play section) Do you have a dusty gym membership? No time to drive there (I sure don't)...workout with me at home!!! Let's do it. To be your daily workout (either the actual workout or just how many minutes you worked out) in the comments section. This will keep you accountable. I'll read em everyday and answer any questions as quickly as I can.

It's already December 1st....COME ON. Put the junk down (even the junky self-sabotaging thoughts) pick up some weights or a DVD and get moving! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I LOVE You All....The New Year Starts Now!

I am having so much trouble with blogger. Technology can be such a pain in the ass gift. Sorry. This post had to be majorly modified and I had to cut more than half of it out! All the links were destroyed...yikes. I will try to post the other stuff later tonite....

I have received the most beautiful, heartfelt emails in response to my last post.... I just want everyone of you to know (commenters too) that I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

My blog is all about hoping to inspire-motivate-encourage by my real and honest outlook on life, health, food, and fitness. I have blogger friends that have struggled with not being honest on their blogs or twitter/facebook pages for fear of ridicule or judgment or because it would mess with their business. I can't live that way. Every chance I've had to turn this blog into something for profit, I've turned it down. It's not that I have a "poverty conscious" which is what my dear friend Shazzie calls it....but rather becaues I truly do want to help and inspire because my heart wills me too...not because I MUST increase blogger traffic and sell more products.

I became an affilate for some of the companies that I love, but found myself feeling pressured to push the products. There is nothing wrong with adverstising products taht I love and believe in and making $.30 because of it, but most times, I don't bother...

I digress....this post is really to say that you (mainly women) rock. You rock rock rock. It's because of YOU that I continue to post and no matter what is going on in my life, I keep coming back. For some life is a breeze, and for others (like me) life is tough. I never ever ever thought I'd be in the position of having to lose 25 lbs, but I will do it. Right here. On this blog, where so many other parts of my life have taken place.

This is a recession and if I can do or offer anything, it will be for free! I can assure you of that. The day in the far future when I do charge, it will be to benefit someone/something else.

I love every single one of you. You are so strong and brave and have so many things going on in your lives. You deserve a huge cyberhug. Let's sit with a cup of tea as I give you some tips and inspiration!!! Read below....

Okay... Don't wait until the New Year. The New Year Starts Now!

Imagine if you ignore the 31 days until January 1 by telling yourself that it doesn't matter, you'll start Monday...or Jan 1st? You will just have that much more weight to lose or will have lost that much more muscle. Let's band together and say, "NOW is the New Year!" Let's call it Pre-2011.

I propose a challenge: 31 Days Pre-2011 Fit Plan!!!!!! Fit means..."tightening" up your diet, your exercise plan, your spending, your attitude, and your spirit. Let's go get it girls...we can totally do this!
Steps to start the "Fit Plan Pre-2011"

1. Take your weight first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (use the bathroom first!)

2. Write out a realistic healthy eating plan for the day

3. Decide what activity you will do for the day....minimum 30 minutes. It could be a walk, weight lifting, or even cleaning up. If cleaning up is your choice...then vaccuum, sweep, mop, and try to sneak in lunges, squats...wahtever .Just turn your "workout brain" on!

4. Drink a MINIMUM of 64-72 ozs of water.

5. Send me an email or leave me a comment below. The "winner" of the contest will be chosen by Kennedy out of a hat and they will win...drumroll....  Patricia's Intensati Method Workout!!!!!!!!!!
I bought this DVD with my own money and wanted to give it away before, but got stuck on my thesis. Best part is that I don't have many followers so your chances of winning are good! Just leave a comment or send an email to let me know your are participating in the challenge, and submit your results by December 29th! I think this will be fun and will hold us all accountable for completing it!


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