Sunday, December 5, 2010

26 Days Left---Are Your Workouts Working Out?

Hey Fitness Sistas!!!!!!!!  How are the workouts goin? Are you doing them? Doing anything??? It's NEVER too late. Start today. Start now! Sometimes, we set ourselves up for sabotage by never giving ourselves a fighting chance. We set almost impossible standards, and then when we don't live up to them, we beat down on ourselves and say, "It will never work for me". I'm here to say STOP IT! Make a change.

Choose to go through the rest of your day without making one single complaint! Let me know how it goes.

As far as me....the other day I went for Indian food...sooooooooo spicy. I tried to workout but thought I would vomit (although it was many hours later). So, I decided to workout Saturday. My DVD was so scratched. Although it was brand new....teh 20 min workout, took me about 50 mins and I still couldn't complete it. I was frustrated and so annoyed.

Well, I wiped that attitude right out of my spirit. This morning I ran intervals on the treadmill and am off Baltimore for some healthy vegan food. Then tonite I will try that DVD again and see what happens. This week I'll be trying some new workouts On Demand. I browsed and the selection looks amazing. Time to try something new.

What's your POA (plan of attack) for the week??? I'll post mine later after I list all of the tv workouts I plan to try!!!!!

Keep the spirit! Keep the faith! 26 days until January 1...can't you imagine where you could be by then!?!?!?!


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