Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am FIRED UP! Let's get our Mo-Jo!

Oh me oh my ladies??? I am soooooo fired up by reading all of the contestants. Let's do it! We can do it. Even if you read it and thought, "I'll start today", but didn't....stop reading and do 10 squats.. JUST DO IT. Let this change in your body, flip the switch in your mind to get into the healthy way of thinking. If you ate eighty pieces of candy today...STOP...go eat a fruit or veggie. EVEN IF YOU ARE STUFFED! This switch will put you mentally in the right place.
The Class of 2011 on East Campus
You can easily lose 10 lbs before this month is over. That's my goal and I WILL REACH IT!

Today I wanted to crawl in my warm bed after dropping Kennedy at school, but I changed my mind around. Came inside...did a quick DVD and lifted weights for about 15 minutes...I felt so amazing afterwards. I made a rewards chart for myself so as I lose this weight (again) I will get treats and spa dates. I am worth it and so are you!

What are you waiting for??? Get organized! Get a list of rewards and let's do it!!!!!!!!

Do you have workout DVDs that you haven't used in a while or want to get back into? Does your library have DVDs? Do you have Netflix? (a lot of their workouts are available in the Instant Play section) Do you have a dusty gym membership? No time to drive there (I sure don't)...workout with me at home!!! Let's do it. To be your daily workout (either the actual workout or just how many minutes you worked out) in the comments section. This will keep you accountable. I'll read em everyday and answer any questions as quickly as I can.

It's already December 1st....COME ON. Put the junk down (even the junky self-sabotaging thoughts) pick up some weights or a DVD and get moving! YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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