Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I LOVE You All....The New Year Starts Now!

I am having so much trouble with blogger. Technology can be such a pain in the ass gift. Sorry. This post had to be majorly modified and I had to cut more than half of it out! All the links were destroyed...yikes. I will try to post the other stuff later tonite....

I have received the most beautiful, heartfelt emails in response to my last post.... I just want everyone of you to know (commenters too) that I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

My blog is all about hoping to inspire-motivate-encourage by my real and honest outlook on life, health, food, and fitness. I have blogger friends that have struggled with not being honest on their blogs or twitter/facebook pages for fear of ridicule or judgment or because it would mess with their business. I can't live that way. Every chance I've had to turn this blog into something for profit, I've turned it down. It's not that I have a "poverty conscious" which is what my dear friend Shazzie calls it....but rather becaues I truly do want to help and inspire because my heart wills me too...not because I MUST increase blogger traffic and sell more products.

I became an affilate for some of the companies that I love, but found myself feeling pressured to push the products. There is nothing wrong with adverstising products taht I love and believe in and making $.30 because of it, but most times, I don't bother...

I digress....this post is really to say that you (mainly women) rock. You rock rock rock. It's because of YOU that I continue to post and no matter what is going on in my life, I keep coming back. For some life is a breeze, and for others (like me) life is tough. I never ever ever thought I'd be in the position of having to lose 25 lbs, but I will do it. Right here. On this blog, where so many other parts of my life have taken place.

This is a recession and if I can do or offer anything, it will be for free! I can assure you of that. The day in the far future when I do charge, it will be to benefit someone/something else.

I love every single one of you. You are so strong and brave and have so many things going on in your lives. You deserve a huge cyberhug. Let's sit with a cup of tea as I give you some tips and inspiration!!! Read below....

Okay... Don't wait until the New Year. The New Year Starts Now!

Imagine if you ignore the 31 days until January 1 by telling yourself that it doesn't matter, you'll start Monday...or Jan 1st? You will just have that much more weight to lose or will have lost that much more muscle. Let's band together and say, "NOW is the New Year!" Let's call it Pre-2011.

I propose a challenge: 31 Days Pre-2011 Fit Plan!!!!!! Fit means..."tightening" up your diet, your exercise plan, your spending, your attitude, and your spirit. Let's go get it girls...we can totally do this!
Steps to start the "Fit Plan Pre-2011"

1. Take your weight first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (use the bathroom first!)

2. Write out a realistic healthy eating plan for the day

3. Decide what activity you will do for the day....minimum 30 minutes. It could be a walk, weight lifting, or even cleaning up. If cleaning up is your choice...then vaccuum, sweep, mop, and try to sneak in lunges, squats...wahtever .Just turn your "workout brain" on!

4. Drink a MINIMUM of 64-72 ozs of water.

5. Send me an email or leave me a comment below. The "winner" of the contest will be chosen by Kennedy out of a hat and they will win...drumroll....  Patricia's Intensati Method Workout!!!!!!!!!!
I bought this DVD with my own money and wanted to give it away before, but got stuck on my thesis. Best part is that I don't have many followers so your chances of winning are good! Just leave a comment or send an email to let me know your are participating in the challenge, and submit your results by December 29th! I think this will be fun and will hold us all accountable for completing it!


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