Monday, December 19, 2011

The Best Sunday Ever

Okay. I had the best, most productive Sunday that I have had in a long time. It was a snowy day and I have decided that I miss working out at home. I am losing precious time with Kennedy on all that travel to and from the gym!

Before I get to that let me brag about this amazing Sunday we had. Saturday nite I stayed up late snacking :) so Sunday I knew I had to be on the ball. I woke up ready to go!

Here is what I accomplished:

  • Make 20 ozs of fresh organic carrot juice
  • Made two organic vegan meatloafs
  • Pressure cooked a pound of black beans
  • Made meatballs and organic marinara
  • Make a lentil veggie stew with beefy mushrooms (to die for)
  • Made 4 cups of organic brown rice
  • Made a tofu salad for today's lunch (yum)
  • Washed Kennedy's hair
  • Did 30 mins of cardio
  • Washed/Dried/Folded put away all clothes
  • Ironed Kay's clothes for this ENTIRE school week!
  • Watched part of a documentary on 1964

My new Pressure Cooker. A Christmas present from my mom :) Love ya mom!

Awesome protein smoothie after my quick (middle of the day) cardio

Lentils...rinsed...drained and ready to make stew

Brown rice bubbling in my favorite pot from Good Will

Carrot juice shavings...I could have made a banana bread out of this, but was just too busy and didn't have any raisins or avocados!

5 mornings worth of Gluten Free Oats with Blueberries and Cinnamon with chia seeds

My new favorite protein powder! Nitro Fusion. It is so good! It has 21 grams of protein per scoop!! Oh me oh my!!!!!!

Seriously 21 grams!

Check out the cals! And LOW sugar content. I do like Vega Protein, but for $60 a ain't on this single momma budget.

I am gearing up to make some recipes out of this book. Seriously... if you don't own Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker

I watched Magic Trip.  A documentary about the Magic Bus used in 1964 to drive from Cali to NY. I didn't finish it, but I will do so tonite. I loveeeeeeeeeed it. I am such a 60s Flower Child. :) One day I am going to make a Hippie Post. Kennedy calls me the "Ultimate Hippie". I love it!

Today, Monday December 18th 2011 I work up at 7:13 AM after 9 hours of sleep and did a 34 minute at home circuit style workout. I was short on time since I overslept, but I decided to just "get it done!" I was a sweaty beast when done and sooooooo happy to be back to morning workouts.

I previously expressed how much I LOATHE nite time workouts..unless it's my second one of the day.So, we shall see. I have a plan to do morning workouts all this week with some nite time spinning thrown in!

Plan of Action for the Week of December 18 2011:

  • Monday- Morning Circuits Full Body Evening Cardio DVD
  • Tuesday- Morning Cardio and Abs Nite Maybe Spinning
  • Wednesday- Morning Circuits Full Body Nite Yoga
  • Thursday- Morning Cardio and Abs
  • Friday- Morning Circuits Full Body
  • Saturday- DOR. To hang with Kay
  • Sunday- Morning Cardio and Abs Yoga

Come on join me! Let's get excited about fitness before this year ends. It will be one LESS resolution to make! Let's do it. At the work...let's go!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

Time to get deep. Yesterday I cried. I cried for missed opportunites. I cried for all the times I have been intentionally hurt by people. These tears were powerful. I have said before that "the issues are in the tissues" and now that I am back to training, and moving my body in all the ways I am accustomed to, I can feel myself spiritually being grounded.

But, Jayna' how can training be grounding? Trust me it is. This wasn't the case when I was 195 lbs, but as soon as I fell in love with sweating, I realized that I had found a life long love in fitness.

The body is a miraculous machine. If you have had a child you know this to be true. I delivered Kennedy without an epidural and I was acutely aware of the power of the female human body.

What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for to start living your best life ever?

Last year this time I was on bended knee crying for my daughter's life. I sat on the couch crying every nite while eating vegan treats unable to be motivated at now. Now a year later, I am sitting here inspired by fitness with a renewed zealous appriach to caring for my body, loving being a woman, and appreciating my curves.

What's stopping you from being present in your life right now?
I love your emails- keep em coming!

Lovingly added by Jayna'

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sneak Peek At My New Gym

In these times I am finding it better to go to the gym so that I can focus. This gym is seriously lacking in space. No room for separate training. OMG. It leaves much to be desired on the floor, although it is shiny and great looking.

I often want to nap on this bench. Is this bad?

Ahhhhh many a meditation have happened in here.

I study how my ass looks in my tights before going onto the floor.

Pee Station

Kennedy loves the childcare, but she didn't want to go this weekend.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Busy Days Turn Into Busy Weeks. My Workouts Lately

Hi! :)

It has been so cold here and with my going back to work it feels like busy days turn into busy weeks and into busy months. I have to consciously make time for sitting my ass on the zabaton. Seriously. It is so strange that when I have more time, I make time for meditation, but when life is harried and I am busy, I don't make time....hmmmm something is SO wrong with this picture. 

So, with that in mind, I lit my incense (a 1000 times a day habit), lit a candle, rubbed lavender oil on my wrists and sat in silence for 20 glorious, uninterrupted minutes. I did this while ignoring the sink full of dishes, the laundry, and other chores. I remember reading in a time management book a long time ago that at the end of life do you need to be remembered as having the most spotless house ever. I definitely keep a really clean home, but I have my priorities in  order.

My Workouts: 

Okay the new gym is anti-cell phone/camera. Therefore, it has been difficult to snatch a few glimpses for you all. I will just use generic photos from the web. I can however take pix if no one is around. Interesting considering the gym is CONSTANTLY PACKED. OMGoddess.....I can barely get the use of an arc trainer.

So, this week has been busy. My days have been looking like this:

  • Up at 6:30 am- breakfast for me and Kay
  • Pack the lunch bags (me and Kay)
  • Take care of Halo :)
  • Make beds...minimal cleaning upstairs
  • Shower...get fancy for work
  • Drop Kay at school
  • Get straight to work
  • Work like a mad woman 
  • Get Kay from school
  • Home...Dinner for her. Preworkout snack for me
  • Head to gym about 5:15 (Prime Time I call it) :(
  • Kay plays in the gym daycare (she loves it)
  • Home by 7:00
  • Homework, Dessert for Kennedy, Dinner for me
Long days it feels like! But, I am soooooooo excited to be back in the gym and in the flow. I have some complaints. I can barely use equipment. It is so packed. I mean "Fire Marshall Code" packed. No room to jump rope. This is no bueno in my world. People are consistently NOT wiping off their machines.

There are things I love though :) :
  • 7  day a week childcare
  • Televisions on some cardio machines
  • Great variety of classes ( a goal in 2012) is to take more Group X classes
  • Small circuit room in the back. Crowded, but separate
  • Amazing sauna
My workout split has been:
  • MONDAY- UPPER BODY and Intervals
  • TUESDAY- LOWERBODY and light cardio
  • WEDNESDAY- CARDIO and sexy abs
  • THURSDAY- UPPER BODY and Intervals
  • FRIDAY- LOWER BODY and light cardio
  • SUNDAY-Yoga and Spinning
I throw in a Day of Rest (DOR) Whenever I feel like it also. I haven't been weighing myself, but my clothes are fitting better. For me as black woman, if my hip to waist ratio is about 10", I am satisfied. As of today, that is the case. I am not going for the tiny look.I am going for the healthy, fit, sexy look. So good. I have a bit left to go though. I am loving the process. It feels harder this time around though.

Question for ya: Are you working out yet? Eating right these days? Nothing is in the way. Don't wait for January 1st, 2012. We have three weeks left of 2011. Let's kill em!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Life Is Short..

Don't think because I have been absent that I have "fallen" back into bad vegan gluten free habits. Quite the opposite actually.

I stopped posting on Day 3 of the cleanse. I stopped THAT day. Kennedy was having a slumber party and I had a ton of kids over. Two of the kids' mom attempted suicide that night. Her kids were with me and I had no idea what was going on. Her son asked to go home and I called her to send him home. She didn't seem happy about that but I sent her son home anyway--bad move.

Long story short I cried my eyes out and have been super busy. Then, a friend of mine's daughter was battling cancer. She lost the fight recently :-(. My heart has been pouring tears ever since. She was a beautiful soul.

I have been holding Kennedy extra tightly. Thanking God that she survived.

I feel like I can breathe again so here I am.

Just a few things I have been up to:

•eating Ezekiel sprouted wheat bread. Haven't had gluten in SO long but I am doing okay.

•signed up for a very nice gym not too far from my house. About 5 miles. I LOVE the facility. I have yet to go (just signed up yesterday) but will report back tomorrow after going tonite. It is EXPENSIVE-- $50/ month geeeezzzz but seemingly worth it.

•eating soy yogurt. I am looking for ways to make my own rice milk or almond milk yogurt though.

The reason for the changes is that I am aiming to get back into the best shape of my life. That means doing all of the things I did when I was my fittest, healthiest self. That actually was NOT when I was 100% raw. So stay tuned for the many changes.

•I am working part-time now! Not my dream career but just in time for holiday cash!! I will photograph my new shoes tomorrow. This means there is no time to workout at home- hence the gym membership. Also, means I have to workout at nite :(

So, hugs and health. I will blog tomorrow about the new gym and show you some photos. I will have to sneak and take a few!

Lovingly added by Jayna'

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cleanse Days 2 and 3 Recap. Cooked Food Addiction


Yesterday was crazy and I was unable to get a post up. I did wrap the day up with some meditation and deep journaling.

Here is what the day looks like:
  • Rise without alarm (always did) around 6:30-7am.
  • 16oz water
  • Hot water with lemon
  • Juice (yesterday green today grapefruit)
  • Huge smoothie (1/2 lb spinach, about 3-4 bananas, chia seeds, froz blueberries, and 2 dates
  • Water
  • Another smoothie
  • Another smoothie
  • Tea
  • Water
Daily I have been:
  • Skin brushing/exfoliating
  • Tongue scraping
  • Stretching
  • Journaling
  • Meditating
Okay so today I wanted to eat. Having the normal cleanse thoughts like, "It's not normal NOT to eat. I mean I AM vegan veteran. Geez, whole foods are good for me. I should just end right now and have some of this GF V pizza."

Speaking of which, Kennedy is having a sleepover tonite and I just made a huge batch of homemade GF pizza...oohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy goddess! Anywho, I realize that the cleanse will have to be shorter than 7 days because I have to actually cook the Thanksgiving dinner before Thursday and will be tasting it, but I am adamant about using December 1-15th for mainly juice (but also smoothies)

So, when will I end this cleanse? Not sure. I thought about ending it today, but I feel too hungry and am afraid I will just overeat because I feel hungry. I need to sit with this feeling of hunger as I think about the famine going on in other parts of the world. When I position my consciousness globally I realize how utterly American and ridiculous my raw vs cooked thoughts can become.

Some civilizations are thriving on rice and beans while working outdoors 10-12 hours a day. And here I am in my centrally heated home with a smoothie snaps me back into reality quickly.

Watch this youtube clip about the Somali Refugees Famine HERE.

The Raw vs Cooked debate comes on strong. I have been a part of the raw movement for 7 years now. I have been vegan for over ten. No one led me to the soul searched it out. Read about it my vegan story---> My comp is tripping and won't let me add the link right now :( Sorry!

I am a 100% proponent of a 95% whole foods diet. I know that as I age, I will change that to 100% whole vegan plant-based foods. Cooked or raw to me doesn't truly matter. Let me preface this by saying after years and years of personal research (and watching the lives of many friends) this is what resonates as true for me... I will never eat an animal or their secretions again.

This I know. I will always:
  •  juice
  • do massive green smoothies
  • crazy massive salads
I will NOT do:
  • lots of nuts unless in a raw food gourmet meal every now and then
  • processed vegan convenience foods
  • no soy other than tofu every now and again (love the stuff)
  • be so obsessed with %ages that I forget to savor and enjoy my food
For me food is meant to delicious and wonderful..sometimes sensual. Assigning "good" or "bad" to the food is useless in my mind. The only BAD is animal products for a host of reasons.

I like making my eating time ritualistic (duh..I love rituals- must be the Catholic upbringing :) ). I set my place mat, my centerpiece, my incense, and a candle and give thanks. Then I slowly enjoy the meal. Whether I am alone or dining with Kay or friends.

Gotta love it... Are you raw or cooked? Both? What do you think about cooked food? Cravings?

Off to plan the sleepover! Girls are arriving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cleanse Day 1 Recap

I am starving. OMG. I am thinking about all kinds of things. But I made it through. Thought I wouldnt around 5 pm, but I hung strung.

At 9:00am I had tons of water before downing a huge green smoothie (spinach-bananas- orange)

Later I had FOUR huge green smoothies. All spinach-banana-date-froz blueberry. Thus was soooo goodd. I love dates!!!

I did venture out to the store and snagged some chia seeds. Oh yea I added em to my afternoon smoothies.

Awwww I wanted to chew these apples. But not that fake orange. Things haven't gotten that badly yet!!

Sorry about the poor picture quality. No flash was on. Here are some Costco grapefruit that I picked up for a few days of juice. Grapefruit juice is my favorite juice.

Here is my pantry. Plenty bananas to ripen for this 7 day cleanse.

Best thing about it is that my cleanup is simple!!

Here is princess telling me that I can do it!

It is only 8 pm and I am exhausted. Have been for hours. I am showered and in pajamas. I am going to read the girlie novel I picked up at the library today.

Zero excercise today. No yoga. No journaling. I did meditate but my brain is so foggy, I may need a day or two to adjust. Let me tell you...I am seriously regretting that cheeseburger dinner.

Here is my tip: Time is passing whether you are doing things or not. May as well have time on your side and be doing things you KNOW can help you.

When I wanted to eat veggie chips I said to myself, " 10 mins after they are gone I will feel like shit."

I am ready to be back on the path I have been on for so many years without stress or brain surgery slowing me down. I am ready to be the me that I have alwayd envisioned being. Don't YOU want that???? The only oerson standing in your way is YOU. So join me for the next six days. You can do:

•juice/smoothies til dinner
•1 day cleanse
•go ovaries to the wall (hate the balls to the wall statement) and go 100% like me

Come on!!!!

Time to Cleanse

Good morning Goddesses!!

I wanted to post last nite, but was so exhausted after 5 hours at the GRE test center (I'm done!!!!!!) and then going out in the rain to the library at Penn State. I was late to see the play I wanted to go to, but hung around to chat with my mentor and new students.

I didn't get to shop for the cleanse, but it doesn't matter. Today is the day! I did eat a GF V cheeseburger and chips last nite however. Because I ate the food so late I didn't wake up hungry. I did wake up rushed however. I was so tired from reading a novel until 1:30 am (good books captivate me like that!)...

Here are my plans for the cleanse:
  • Upon waking tongue scrape
  • Drink 16oz-1L of water
  • I cup of hot water with lemon (if I have any) or cayenne
  • Green juice (using whatever I have on hand). Prob romaine/apple/lemon????
  • Green smoothie (banana, spinach, apple, or orange)
  • Short light workout (some walking on the treadmill maybe {the weather sucks}; yoga daily; very light weights)
  • Hot teas (Traditional Medicinals; Yogi Tea)
  • More smoothies
  • I'll do blended soups if I have the money for the ingredients
  • Lots of meditation and journaling
  • Limited to NO television and lots of reading girlie novels!

The purpose of this cleanse is majorly spiritual. I took time and got into the mindframe of cleansing. I actually came home after dropping Kennedy off an hour ago and started cleaning up. My house is a kinda disorganized mess because I have been so busy with school and such I've been "tidying"
it over. But, today I wanted to just get started on putting things in order.

If you are following the cleanse or starting your own...what is your purpose for doing it? Do you just want a jump start to a clean system? Wanna get rid of some negative emotions? Feel closer to god/goddess?

For me, it's all of the above.

My Cleanse list:
  • Journal
  • Fav Penn State Penn
  • Girlie novels (for when I feel food cravings to escape to)
  • Spinach and lots of it
  • Bananas and lots of em
  • May buy some chia seeds to bulk up the smoothies???
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Romaine
  • Lemons
  • Celery
  • Frozen Blueberries
  • Dry skin brush
  • Tongue scraper
  • Organic bubble bath
I am off in the rainy gloom of this Wednesday to clean up a little, balance my checkbook and see how much vegetation I can afford, hop on over to the grocery store and then to Costco for the frozen blueberries and celery and to make my first green smoothie of the day.

I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Test Prep and Cleanse Prep

The day is near. gasp. My GRE is on Tuesday. I have cold feet. I detest the fact that I must take this monstrous exam again..but am eager to get it over with.

News on the cleanse. I am going to do it from Wednesday November 16th to Wednesday November 23rd. I know that is only 7 days, but I would be lying if I didn't intend to eat "faux turkey" on T-giving day. Kay and I are going to a huge vegan Thanksgiving and I am in charge of GF dessert/menu items.

I do intend on doing another cleanse on Dec. 1-15th as well. I have been mentally preparing for the cleanse. I can't afford to do only juice, but will be doing juice and green smoothies for both. Wednesday morning I will list everything that I will be using for cleanse and my daily intake and exercise.

I plan on easing back into my workouts...very slow and steady. Yoga...some jump rope...light weights (lots of reps)...few exercises.

So here is my bed- covered in GRE materials! (I spared you and only showed you a glimpse) :-)

As usual...Halo is obliviously napping

Green smoothie and notes

Banana and dates...a mid-afternoon snack

GRE prep tests. OUCH. My score SUCKED today. You would swear that I wasn't studying at all.

What are you doing today to make for a better tomorrow? I'm studying for the GRE and going to drink some tea and journal before bed. What will you do?????

Websites to visit:

Zen Habits

Crazy Sexy Life

Vegan Action

Lovingly added by Jayna'

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Preoccupation to Motivation

Good morning! It's a dreary East Coast morning. I am a bit preoccupied with thoughts about my lovely VW Beetle :( I'll tell ya more at another time. It literally has me in tears. Moving on...

It's November mom's bday is tomorrow! 11-11-11 She will be 55. She is really embracing a healthier lifestyle. She proves that it is never too late to start.

I started this morning with hot lemon water. I only have one lemon tomorrow it may be hot cayenne pepper water!

Moved on about 1/2 hour later to green juice: romaine, apple

An hour later I had a quart of green smoothie: 3 froz bananas, TONS of spinach, 1 honeycrisp apple

Here is Halo napping at the foot of my bed this morning.

I sat at my computer. Yes this is my screen saver! I love this photo. Not because I look stunningly gorgeous, but because I took it in Hershey Medical Center when Kennedy got out of ICU. I hadn't had sleep in days or combed my hair, yet I found reason to smile.

I watched a great video that I love by Philip. A few years ago when I traveled to New York quite often Philip and I had a great conversation after listening to Kris Carr speak about the power of meditating, juicing, and kicking canCer's ass... He said a few things that still have a profound impact on me to this day.

Then I swung by Mimi Kirk's site Young on Raw Food and nabbed a cute recipe for Cheezy Cheese Sauce. I will post her recipe and her picture below. I am certainly going to make this as a salad dressing. I will use less olive oil (if any at all).

Here is a picture of Kennedy and one of her best friends going to see Disney's Dare to Dream on Ice. It was a magical and beautiful performance. I love to see that light in her eyes when she is feeling inspired. It reminds me to seek the same feeling.

Speaking of there something you are looking for? Do you hold an image of yourself, but don't know how to "cross over" to embody that image?

The answer is ACTION. Stop thinking about it...planning it...and just DO IT. Seriously, if you always wanted to be a yogi, but don't know how...turn on youtube (hello FREE) and do a five minute session. BAM you are a yogi! Want to dabble in raw foods, but don't know where to start? Eat an apple..BAM you are a raw fooder.

Sounds crazy, but I am dead serious. The only thing stopping you from being who you want to be is to stop thinking and start moving. Maybe you won't be a juice feaster or marathoner overnite, but you will damn sure be closer to one than you were yesterday~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanks for all who emailed to join me for the cleanse!!! I am putting together a small budget to do it now. I am thinking of doing it for 10 days in November and 15 in December.

Here are some pix of how my days have been going.

Juice: everything I find in the fridge! Romaine- collard greens- green apples-lemon


Tea. This my fav mug. It says,"Life is all about how you handle Plan B" :-) dont I know it!

Hot lemon water...early cold East Coast morning staple

My beautiful survivor. She is starting to speak to younger kids about how to be strong thru brain surgery. OMG I am so proud of her.

I have been so consumed with stress and my car breaking down that I am waaaay behind on schoolwork. That all changes today!

I am aiming to get in a quick at-home workout at some point today.

Be good to yourself today. Drink some water...plan to go to bed early...take a bubble bath :-)

I plan on doing ALL those.

Lovingly added by Jayna'


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