Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cardio With No Knee? Is this Possible...

I awoke to NO internet...yea the life of an unemployed single mother ;-) It was on before day's end but geezzzzzzzzzz...... hence the late blog.

Tomorrow is Kennedy's first spelling test so I took her to a playplace to get some of her steam off and help her settle her brain. She did that while I tried to fix my laptop's modem (still trying).Go to fullsize image

Today was one of those all around amazing days...I woke up with the wintry sun in my face. It was glorious. From the moment my feet hit the floor, I made my mind up to have a great day---and I did. One synchronicity after another.

I thought that I would reschedule my gym time for after lunch, but decided to be smart and get it over with. It was my much loved cardio and light abs day...ahhh easy breezy. I decided to ONLY do the elliptical today. Well lo and behold! hurt like hell. I did 50 minutes because I just had to finish my magazine because I am so focused on my health and this weight loss.

After the elliptical, I did some abs and called it quits. I was eager to get home and clean up before Kennedy came home from school.

Today I ate...

A huge Green Goddess Warrior Smoothie
1 Banana
Lentil loaf (Will post recipe and pix before the week is out) with steamed kale topped with nutritional yeast and sea salt (soooooooooooo good)
Chocolate almond milk with 4 frozen bananas===ice cream

Tomorrow is Friday!! I am making solid and sane plans for the weekend for Kennedy and I. Tomorrow we are going to the big Farm Show here. I have no idea what that means. People keep getting offended when I ask if animals are hurt at the show. Why is this? I told Kennedy if one animal is hurt, we will have to leave. She agreed...I'll report back tomorrow...

I am going to try to spin in the morning and lift afterwards...if I wake up thinking it isn't such a good idea...I'll just do the elliptical and lift!

Now I am watching one of my top 5 favorite movies Dear John Go to fullsize image   

"I love you because you love you" - Shazzie


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