Monday, January 3, 2011

Cold Shoulder and Killers

Should I or shouldn't I be offended that someone whose blog I follow really diligently has ignored me about 6 times?? Ummmm I've emailed, twittered, commented on the blog...geez. I know I know...don't take it personally. I don't take it personally, but I am kinda peeved. I try my best to get back to everyone. I've lost a few emails and found them months later and still replied. Geez louise...okay rant over :)

As promised, here is the link to Kristen's awesome book that can get you started on juicing, smoothies, etc. to start to cleanse and rejuvenate for the new year.

I have decided to have a smoothie for breakfast and one for dinner and all juice, water, and tea inbetween. I felt soooo hungry tonite and that is not cool. I have to workout tomorrow! The smoothie was rock your socks off fantastic!

Blueberries + chocolate almond mylk + 2 bananas + spinach= wonderful!

Tonite I will be drinking tea and watching The Craigslist Killer!!!!!!! on Lifetime 9pm Jake McDorman and Agnes Bruckner in "The Craigslist Killer" movie

Grapefruit juice and lifetime plus fuzzy socks will be amazing. Be back in the morning with links to what I'm reading right now and being inspired by......gooooood stuff!


Rubina said...

Hey :)
Don't worry abt someone not replying to you, its more abt them than you. I'm just finished day 3 of my juicing, it has been a breeze, did spinning too, I love it.
Good luck tmro xx

VeganFitMama said...

Rubina-- You rock big time!!!! And thank you...I'm not gonna worry about them. Day 3 of juice??? Wow how long are you going for? And a fellow spinner?? You and I are cut from the same cloth :)


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