Friday, January 7, 2011

Detox Blues and Juicing on Empty

This is how the day started!

Last night I felt sooooo ill. Geez. It has been a while since I have felt so sick. I took a short nap while Kennedy sang me "healthy" songs--she is SUCH a healer :-) i am honestlycpunting down until I can eat again. I'm actually not tempted by food. If I were I would eat but I miss feeling grounded. Everytime I juice i think of coming back to sids more healthy! I have great recipe Ideas and inspirations. I can't wait to share. This year on the blog will be redunk!

All of the beautiful emails and comments lately have been so touching. I appreciate them all!

I awoke feeling slightly better and refreshed. Today I awoke to massive snow!

Because ofsaid snow I am behind in my schedule. So here are my grocery bags. I need to run put them away. Make a quick return and drop off library books before getting Kennedy.

Getting energized from my kombucha after lifting weights today. I was easy on the cardio because (unless Kennedy objects) we are going to the gym tonite for spinning!!! (puhleeze say yes Kennedy....gee I wonder who runs the show over here?????!!!!)

Be back later with the "post"...

"I love you because you love you"- Shazzie

I do love you...Jayna'


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