Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Frustrations and The GAME

Today the much anticipated premiere of my favorite show The Game at 10/ET on BET. I hope blind stray kittens don't need shelter from the snow during this show because I may be forced to leave them outside. I won't be able to move my eyes from the screen. honestly. Aside from the fact that I am madly, madly, madly, madly in love with  Pooch Hall ..yes that is the ring he got me for the holiday...shhhhh (lol)...the show is soooooooooo real--down to earth--honest and simply amazing. I was devestated when the WB/CW cancelled. Like with most Black shows...as a community we kinda expect it to happen (Hello GIRLFRIENDS!), but not this time. We fought to have this show back on the air. I wrote letters. I sent emails. And so did MILLIONS of others. So, tonite makes history. I am so excited to see  Hosea Chanchez and  Coby Bell.

Okay Okay let the iphone go.....exhale....I am trying. But I feel so violated. I am waiting on super important news in the mail that I hope lifts my spirits~

Today went like this....woke up. Instead of having water with lemon, I went straight for the green smoothie...bad move. Then I got Kay up and ready and made her awesome healthy lunch. After I dropped her off I went to CVS to buy a new lock because some bitch person stole my keys at the gym yesterday....exhale....The new lock was a piece of shit  didn't work so I had to return it and buy an old fashioned combination lock (aka the way to go). Then after getting to the gym for the second time, I decided to go home. I was so angry. So full of disgust. The gym is where I needed to be, but I went home and crawled into bed. After the "why me?" story ran round my head a few times, I said "hell with this!". I jumped up...made protein oats and repacked my gym bag.....new lock and all.

Protein oats= GF +1 c almond milk + 1 scoop vanilla sunwarrior protein powder. With one banana

I let it settle for about an hour and a half and went back to the gym. I still had lingering feelings of being pissed. Besides...what's so wrong about admitting it? We all get pissed off. For those that NEVER do...kudos your way. I get totally, down right, mad as shit sometimes. I don't put the societal pressures to be "ladylike" or "feminine" and silently suffer...I yell...curse....paint....dance....or workout my frustrations. But back to the point.  At the gym, I went in a dark corner (ok I'm exaggerating) and got on the treadmill. Ever since my half-marathon knee injury running and I are NOT friends. But I needed to run. I put the towel over the buttons, cranked up "Good Morning" by Diddy and got to running...45 minutes later I had solved everything except world hunger...well that too (if only we'd all go veg and use grain to feed the world....) wait, I digress...

Treadmill + abs + good stretching= a happy, healthy, me. It's not even about calorie burn or any of that crap, it's all about feeling good. I have an obligation to feel good. Like breeds like. So if I want more "feel good" moments...I need to feel good more often. So, now I have an hour before leaving to get Kennedy and I am going to take a super hot shower and sing my heart out to Katy Perry's Firework --This is my favorite song right now. I listen to it like 25 times a day! "Cuz baby you're a firework...come'on show em what you're worth...."


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