Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Images of Chickpeas

Good morning Juicy Peeps! Last nite I had images of Indian and Thai food. Oh me oh my!!! I put them aside and had some grapefeuit juice instead. Everytime I even attempt to do juices or liquids, I start wanting to clean and organize shit. :) niccceeeeee. It isn't too late for u to join me. Think u don't have the money? Do smoothies! Think it takes too long? Just do 1 day!

Okay onto something else. I went on this hunt for 5ks and races and realized that I can't afford that! So...in true Jayna' fashion, I picked dates to have my own 5ks! Just me and the treadmill---it is too cold to run to the mailbox outside!

I have to be quick, but I will be back with my "2011 Inspiration" post.

Off to spin after 5 hours of sleep!

Today will be green!

"I love you because you love you"- Shazzie

I do love you...Jayna'


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