Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is This TMI??

Today is insane for some reason. I will post the story tonite when

I have more time promise. This is the mess I hurried through this morning. Dirty Brenda Breville! Juice rocks though:

*sweet potato *apples *lemon *cucumber *massive celery. My cells are buzzing.

I am exhausted. Last nite at my woman's spirituality circle I cried my heart out about things with Kennedy and I embraced and cared for in a way that only women can provide :-)

I did talk to a dear friend* today who made me feel muuuucccchhh better- you knw who you are ;-)

I am off to the gym for about 45 solo minutes on the bike and that's all. It is now TOM<----NOT excited to workout with it.

"I love you because you love you"- Shazzie

I do love you...Jayna'


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