Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's be Inspired Together!

This morning spinning was awesome! I felt amazing. I started off wondering if I'd have all the energy I'd need, but after my green smoothie I was revving to go! As  "leader" yes I'm still bragging, I had to really show out. It was amazing.  Here's my bike waiting for me :)

This is the coolest bag ever!!! Not mine tho :(        

And this is how I felt when I left...

Oh yea and here is who I wanna marry...

OKay.... SO much is inspiring me these days. This is what it is all about. Being inspired. Motivated. Wanting to do better today than you did yesterday...that is the mission of the blog.

MTV has a new show---I Used to Be Fat  Gabriella! So beautiful and amazing. .This show had me sooooooo inspired check it out. Here is what MTV says:

Her "cheeseburger days" are over, but Gabriella remembers every last bit of self-control and will that went into kissing them good-bye. We followed up with the "I Used to Be Fat" all-star this week to see if she's maintained her weight loss and to find out how her life has (and hasn't) changed since losing 90 pounds over the summer. In her vlog below, Gabriella explains that she's found the happiness she was always looking for, yet it's still taking time to adjust to the dramatic change in her appearance. "Sometimes I still feel like the 253 pound girl," she says. She wants everyone to know that "losing weight is hard, and you have to surround yourself with good people."

BIGGEST LOSER IS BACK!!!!!!!!! It starts tonite 9:00/ET Clink the link for videos. Don't fret, you can watch the episodes on  line if you miss it tonite. I won't. I'll be infront of the tv with juice and a smile:)

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