Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Renewal- Gym Time- Stood Up-Refresh

Okay...I have mourned the loss of my iphone and am taking a second before getting another one. I can't afford it right now, but in a few weeks I'll be back in business. My pix won't be as awesome for now, but don't worry I will get it together.

I skipped the gym yesterday in lieu of a nap! It was amazing. I put my head under the cover and drifted off for about 2 hours before my new ugly non iphone phone woke me up. I then headed out to enjoy the wintry sunshine before Kennedy was due home. By enjoy I meant walk to my car :-)

Last nite I took what I will be calling in 2011 my "Sunday Soaks"....ahhhhhhhhh

I put my bath pillow in the tub, ran hot water, added about 500 10 drops of lavender, light two amazing candles, grabbed my journal, closed the door and melted away. Oh I also added about 1 c of epsom salts (didn't feel like walking downstairs for the baking soda)....I soaked for 30 mins before washing and toweling off and lathering my body in coconut oil and warm jammies....Of course, I was exhausted. Folded laundry and left it on the floor and went to bed early....exhale.

I awoke refreshed and renewed to start my week. Today I did make it to the gym. I had a huge (1quart+) green smoothie with 2 bananas, almond milk, 2 tbsps hempseeds, spinach and love...yum!

I did spinning and then hopped on the elliptical light and easy with a friend and the teh crosstrainer with another friend...did some abs...and waited for a trainer that had begged to train me and he STOOD ME UP. I waited around doing that mind numbing cardio for nothing!! When he did show he found hate mail on his desk from me. It said, "Ian, you suck!" :-)

It's all good. I am on my way out the door for some Reiki and I'll be back tonite with the vegan awesome recipes I'm making!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Menus:

Breakfast:  Massive green smoothie mentioned above
Snack: 1 banana in between training
Lunch: quinoa and eggplant and mushrooms a friend fried up for me (salty and oily....yum)
Snack: green juice
Dinner: zucchinni with cheezy nacho sauce and a small salad


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