Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Heart is Full

Somedays I look at my daughter and am so full of love.

Look at how beautiful!!! We just got home from church. We are unitarians. We love being UUs!! She told me that on the way home.

Last nite at midnite I ate a cup of raisins and 2 bananas. Keep feeling pulled to the indian food in my freezer. It's bullshit. That was self-sabotage. Old bad habits die hard. I burned off fears today in a ritual and I feel amazing.

I had a huge green smoothie for breakfast. Making another now and gonna take my vitamins and make some juice.

*getting Kay ready for school tomorrow

Off to eat and play with Kennedy. Be back later. Not sure if I am going to do some lite cardio and sauna.

Make today count. Live it!

"I love you because you love you"- Shazzie

I do love you...Jayna'


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