Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reader Questions and My Knee Exploded

Today was a bust at the gym! I worked out this morning a little and then left to go to my friend's house. FYI...I HATE breaking up my workout---I got in the stairs (knee fine)...lifted short shortly (knee fine)...went to her house...(knee fine)...back at the gym...started jogging (knee NOT fine)...5 minutes...10 minutes...15 minutes...20 minutes...UNBEARABLE!. I had a talk with myself, "is this happening to me? Is my knee hurting so badly I can barely walk? My running days are over". I hung my head in shame and crept off the machine with the finesse of an elderly woman. I decided that I wouldn't give up. I'd take my bruised and battered knee fractures to the elliptical. "Low impact. Surely this will be fine on my knee" THEN the power of my positive mind started working! "This machine rocks. There is so much that I CAN do. Fuck running. I don't like it anyway (lying to myself)."

When I think of all the limitations placed upon my daughter, I remember that every step I take I should be grateful for...I left limping an vowing to never run again in the next 30-45 days...OUCH.

I have been so hungry lately...geez....I NEED my phone back. I promise to try to get better with pictures, but right now, I am having trouble locating the camera and downloading etc. I will get smoother within this week. I am doing all kinds of stuff to the blog this week!

I had the Green Goddess Warrior Smoothie
1 Banana
1/2 Cantaloupe
Channa Masala with Millet and Pan Fried Spicy Tofu with olive oil
Chocolate almond milk blended with frozen bananas----out of hempseeds :(

A lovely loyal reader sent me questions that I thought others might want the answers here goes...

#…# 1. When you make your smoothies I see it is with almond milk…So you make the almond milk yourself or do you purchase it from the store? If you purchase it from the store which brand are you using?

I just posted this this morning :) I use Almond Breeze and Almond Dream. I used to love making it from scratch, but honestly I can't afford it. I can do pumpkin seed milk or brazil nut milk sometimes, but truly I stick with Silk Almond.
# 2.  I see you have Brenda Breville as your juicer…Is that a pretty good juicer?..I want to purchase one but not sure where to go.

Yes that's my favorite juicer. I've had two Jack LaLanne juicers, I have my greenstar (never use it), a Hamilton Beach from Wal Mart (bad move waste of my cash). Brenda is without a doubt my number 1 choice everyday. I am not in a position to buy blender after blender and sorely regret all the wasted money..YIKES. Get a rocks!

# 3. When you do your juice feast how long do you stay on it and what juice/smoothies recipes do you use?..I want to do it.. the last question do you use ALL organic produce?...

I have never done a 92 day juice feast and I have no intention on doing so. I personally feel like it seems like a purity contest sometimes. I'm okay not being that pure :) I have done  a 21 day green smoothie thingie where I had green smoothies until dinner. I wanna do that again soon (wanna join me?). The smoothies were loaded with nutrients and fiber and calories. On juice, I always feel starving. I am NOT a fan of starving. Oh no way Jose'. I am very active and my regular day to day life (without the gym) and I can't sit around detoxing all day! Wow I sound really down on juicing! I don't mean to. I think it rocks. I just like to eat and don't like to be hungry. Organic produce? uhhhh no. I wish I could. I wish I could...but I can't afford it. Apples...always organic. Celery and peppers always organic. Bananas--rarely organic. I do what I can, but truly don't have the financial means to afford it. I do wash the commercial produce in veggie wash from my local health store.

Tomorrow morning I will give you the playlist that helped me to power through my knee pain workout. It ROCKS!

"I love you because you love you" -Shazzie



ChocolateOrchid said...

So sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it gets better soon.
I am so happy that you are real about the foods you eat. It really helps me and my journey.
And I feel you on the seeming "purity contest".

bitt said...

Ouch about the knee! Hope you heal soon.

I hear ya about the juicing, it is super expensive to juice all organic. I am not into purity contests. I've gotten something out of juicing, but I always felt hungry and felt worse after awhile. Not worth it to me.

Kristen's Raw said...

Bummer about your knee!!!! Hope it gets better soon!


Daniel said...

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Anonymous said...

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