Sunday, January 9, 2011

Someone Stole my iPhone :(

I am not my usual jocular self today. I have only slept 2 hours in the past 36 hours. Someone stole my phone from out of my cart at the grocery store last nite. I am devastated. Please don't be the 1000th person to tell me that I should have backed it up more often...or an all too called for "duh" will ensue...

I was in the organic aisle when I tried to decide between spiral or straight GF pretzels. They musta strolled on by and grabbed it. I realized it about 2 minutes later as I got purple onions for a recipe that I thought I was making today but as it turns out, I am too sad to do. I hit the bluetooth in my ear and decided that it had to be within 30 yards because it dialed. So I took off running. Then a guy in the store dialed it for me. Alas I heard it rang out! But my joy was short lived because they immediately put it on silent and then powered the fone off.

I called the police and did an official police report. I have to call him back tonite with the serial number. I know it is probably futile. I stayed in the store for about 2 more hours checking every square inch of that side of the store. Nothing. I begged everyone in the store and all the employees. I told them that I would give them a $150 reward.

On the worst part...all of Kennedy's surgery photos are in there....her hospital stay videos...private moments between her and I...everything. My email access to EVERY account...I am so devastated. I feel so violated. So abused. I am disgusted at the thought that we live in a society where someone would pass by my cart only to see me busy and take an opportunity to snatch something that isn't theirs. My purse was in there...they didnt' take it...too obvious I suppose.

I will be back to regular blogging tomorrow. For today, I am going to cry and do a "Sunday Soak"---- more on it tomorrow though.


Lina40 said...

that is horrible! I am so sorry you had to go through that. My purse was stolen at a church during a Mother's Day event.. The closing prayer everyones head was down and eyes closed.. someone came in and took mine - out of hundreds of people. I was highly upset, but glad i didnt leave my car keys in there. I pray that it is recovered or at least you are able to recover the photos and as many intimate moments as possible.
with a hug and a smile,

VeganFitMama said...

Lina- Thank you so much. I am so heart broken. that must have been terrible for you. I am sorry! We live in a sad sad world sometimes. I appreciate your comment truly....have a good one!


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