Monday, January 31, 2011

Tomorrow is Day 1!

Tomorrow is a great day. yes yes yes yes I will have a new iphone tomorrow...ahhhh. My post will no longer be sporadic. ahhhhh...and my photos will be back! Yes yes yes yes. Yes yes yes. (I'm making a point to say the word yes more---shifts my energetic vibration)
Anywho, I've been getting ready for school and working through some other craziness in my life--but what doesn't kill ya blah blah blah rite? :-)

To gear up for the cleanse...I bought spinach, bananas, almond milk, veggies to juice, awesome gluten free whole foods (grains n veggies) to mix and match and have my seasonings ready to go! I feel so excited about it.

Now ...I will post ALL of the tips and advice for Day 1 later tonite. But I won't do this for the entire 21 days! I want you to BUY THE BOOK! Seriously...if you can't afford to (and trust me I feel ya) go to your libary. Most are carrying it! And if not, you can request that they get it. I'll put all the basic premises of the cleanse on the blog tonite.

Things to think about: "Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come"- Chinese Proverb

Word of The Day: cloying- disgusting or distasteful by reason of excess; also excessively sweet or sentimental.


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