Saturday, January 8, 2011

We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled Programming for My "Vegan Story" and End to Liquids

I ended my juice/smoothie feast today! I felt really tired and run down the past two days. I've been working out pretty hard and still getting rest nevertheless I felt burned out all day long and starved at the end of the nite. I started my liquids two days before the global feast so I actually did the same amount of day= 7.

Thoughts? It made me fall back in love with raw food. It made me realize that I don't juice nearly enough. Green smoothies are not a problem for me at all, but juicing fell to the waste side. So unless I have plans to eat out, I will juice/smoothie every Sunday (even tomorrow) for most of's no big deal. If something comes up, I won't do it and will get major calories from smoothies on those days if I work out, but I felt amazing for the most part.

Weight loss= 3 lbs. How much was liquid or working out? I say....90% my workouts. I consumed two large smoothies per day averaging 700 cals each plus massive juice. So my caloric intake was HIGH.

Today I had....

photo 5.JPG
Hempseeds + almond milk + blueberries   Had this before going to the gym. Uhhhh I awoke to massive snow :( When it stopped, we loaded up and crossed our fingers and we headed up the hill near my house. We made it! I did solo spinning, some stairs, and abs. Felt like a million sweaty bucks when I was done. But I was hungry! So food.....
photo 2.JPG
kale+ black beans + quinoa + nutritional yeast + lemon juice
photo 3.JPG
fresh blackberries
photo 4.JPG
protein oats= almond milk + GF oats + vanilla sun warrior protein powder...cooked

Now I am probably going to have a green smoothie with almond milk for dinner. The sea salt on my kale salad feels so heavy. Like it was too much. I feel bloated a bit. Let me just say about juice/liquid feast. FOR ME...they are meant to be rejuvenating and cleansing. I like to eat food. I do understand that the body likes a "break" and the liquids help with that. But I believe in working out and having a balanced diet. For me that means a nice breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have done the 5 meals a day thing, but it was a pain in the ass mainly. I never actually felt full. I just skated by. My metabolism was just fine. When I am working out consistently, I don't have to rely on the 5 meal a day thing. There is nothing wrong with it. I actually think it's preferable to my 3 meals and 1 protein shake method, but I don't have what it takes to do it.

So, all in all the liquid feast was awesome. Made me wanna do more raw things in the upcoming months and juice much much more.

Okay, Okay....I have something to talk about. First let me just get off my chest that it feels awesome to chew food again...ahhhhhhhhh my teeth. I did the whole "chew the smoothie" thing, but I"m talking about real food. All this cooked vs raw talk, and vegan vs meat eater talk...geez.

A fellow fitness blogger has made the decision to eat chicken after years of eating a mainly veggie/fish sometimes diet. The comments were overwhelmingly understanding, but some were plain NOT COOL. So let me talk about why I am vegan.

9 years ago when I was in college (geezzzzzzzz I'm old) my grandmother called me to ask me what I was giving up for Lent. I didn't have the courage the time to tell her I was no longer a practicing Catholic. So as I took another bite of my McDonald's cheeseburger and fries, I told her that I would give up meat! GASP. What the fuck did I just do? I couldn't believe that I said that. As I looked my lonely half-eaten cheeseburger, I immediately regretted the decision. I hung up feeling kinda proud, kinda scared.

I immediately went online and looked up "what do vegetarians eat?" I didn't get looked like all side items to me. True: 1) I was overweight by 70 lbs, 2) my cholesterol was 298 almost dead and 3) I was miserable and tired all the time.

I found a plethora of websites show casing veggie meals and veggie ideas. What was weird is that almost instantly I felt more myself. It sounds weird, but I did. I felt connected to the universe and like some part of me that had been missing was finally connected into place. I was proud to scour the web for ideas and pictures. Blogs were nonexistent back then and I did not know ONE vegetarian and didn't even know what vegan meant!

As the weeks ensued, I found PETA! Yes I became card-carrying-yell-in-your-face-know-it-all-vegan. I was the on the corner passing out leaflets on the corner and attending alllllllllllllll PETA demonstrations and making pretend barf sounds when people ate meat in my presence. Much has changed :) I am proud to say
I mellowed. I allowed my spiritual journey to see that everyone is on their own path and evolving at their own speeds. Besides, How would I have felt if someone did that to me? I would have been offended and devastated. So, I took a more Ghandi approach: Let my life be my message.  Protesting is so over. Showtesting is where it's at!

It is important to note that I didn't get into fitness right away. The diet was such a MAJOR SHIFT because I was coming from a Cajun Creole New Orleans Jambalaya Gumbo Po boy Hot Sausage Beignet Praline background. It was HARD. No one wants to talk about that. But it was. I missed meat originally. I really missed cheese. After watching several PETA videos, it became effortless though. I no longer wanted to contribute to the suffering of any sentient being and over tears, I vowed to never eat animals or animal by products again. THAT is my reason. Nothing else. If it weren't for my doing it for animals, I wouldn't do it I am sure.

I had been vegan for 3 years when I became pregnant and of course made the decision to have Kennedy be vegan as well. I wanted to raise her with compassion and honesty. But trust me....if any lab work came back saying supplementation wasn't working and she was unhealthy, my attitude would change pretty quickly. I don't let (neither should you) anyone else's choices affect my own. If my neighbor is a buff meat eater. ...good for them. If my other neighbor is a lean, fit chicken eater and I'm struggling to keep on lean mass...I try harder with my veg sources of protein. It's that simple. I can honestly say that my muscle definition was strongest when I ate slightly more processed soy products. So this year you will see more tofu on the blog and some tempeh and maybe seitan. I want my diet to be about 90% plant based and about 70% raw per day...I won't count it. It just means daily green smoothies, daily juice, and a daily salad with all the works.

EveryBODY is different. I never list my weight here because I am 5 feet even and built differently from most people. I'm from the South and carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs. As a Black woman... I don't mind. Actually, I am starting to appreciate the weight I have on now--although I"m working to lose it.

Just know veg to vegan story is MY OWN. Whatever your it meateater or not...I honor you. Be conscious. Please try to be free range, organic, grass fed meats when possible. There are some online services. And realize that a plant based diet is best for your body, the planet, and of course the animals I love so much. Even if you only do Meatless Mondays, or if you stop eating pork or beef, or if you start becoming aware of what you will be so sweet...I promise you.

I have never regretted becoming or being vegan. I never will. That's the best choice for Jayna'.  The planet. The environment. The animals. However, I respect each and every blog reader that I have and am so honored to be able to inspire you. Let my love for fitness and vegetables- and this awesome vegan lifestyle- serve as any source of motivation to live the best life possible!

This post (that was on my heart) is a great segue way into the raw/cooked story and personal advice and opinions!

"If it's not love, it's not in my life" - Shazzie

I love you,


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