Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winner Tomorrow and Sunday Surprises

Sorry about the winner announcement. Kennedy threw away 1/2 of the slips. I will make her redraw in the morning PROMISE.

Today was a rest day from working out. I went to the gym (forgot my tennis shoes) ...had to leave and go a book about cleansing my home for 30 minutes while on the rbike. Tomorrow I back in the saddle!

I am getting ready for the global juice feast tomorrow. I would be dead broke if I tried one for 92 days! Geez... :)

Brenda Breville and I have made 3 quarts of grapefruit juice and are gonna juice some lemons to put in cool and hot water tomorrow. I am excited. I feel the need to cleanse and rejuvenate. I hope you will join me. Never forget...YOUR feast can be designed for YOU.

Ways to Modify...

*drink only juice for breakfast
*drink only juice for dinner
*do a green smoothie insteadnof juice
*do one day instead of 7-10

You can use 2011 to get in the driver's seat of your life. I can't link rite now, but in the morning I will link the beautiful Kristen's Raw books where you can get a ton of info and ideas about juices and smoothies. And a few other awesome books.

I am off to drink and read a magazine. Tomorrow it is back to school for Kay. I will be studying intensely for my Personal Training Cert and spinning early morning!

"I love you because you love you"- Shazzie

I do love you...Jayna'


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