Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adventure Clease- Day 1- Crazy Sexy Diet Style

Here is just a sample of what Day 1 looks like in the book. I am sooooooooooooo amped! 

"Ta da! It's Day 1 of the Tune-up. Your big task this week is to balance between pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and being gentle with yourself. There's no need to be in it to "win" it. Be in it to do better, feel better, to stretch your self-imposed limitations- that's more than enough. Today you will remove coffee completely. Yup, give it up. If you are still consuming animal flesh and airy, say so long. Since tush is a thing of the past (or at least it is for the next 21 days) it's time to add a vitamin B12 and B complex supplement to your diet. Gluten is out. The only way you'll know if you are sensitive is to boot it for now. refined sugars and processed carbs are way out. See ya!

What you focus on for the next 21 days is extremely important. I want you to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative. Instead of "I didn't do it right, " I want you to think of all that you did accomplish. To do this, you really need to think about the language you use. We all talk to ourselves. Take stock of what you are saying and remember that your cells have ears! They're listening

Please help me open my mind. Ignite my child-like curiosity and anything-is-possibly attitude. Tap me on the shoulder if I act like a cranky old bat. The voices that hold me back are thoroughly misinformed. Grant me the wisdom to release them now.

I am capable, confident, intelligent, resilient and in charge. Health and happiness are my birthrights and I accept with gratitude.

BREAKFAST (for me): Upon rising today I had a huge glass of lemon water with a pinch of cayenne. Followed by a quart of green smoothie. Spinach (tons), almond milk (store bought), spirilina, flaxseeds (ground) and 3-4 frozen bananas. I am going to do a workout in about 2 hours and carbed it up!

LUNCH: I will be making a huge salad with 1/2 an avocado and a simple tahini/lemon dressing with  Crazy Sexy Diet's Buddha Bowl with quinoa and broccoli.

SNACK: Green Juice. I wanted to have it this morning on my empty stomach, but it's a snow day, And we are all "off" in this house! As the days go on and I am allowed out of the house and the snow, I'll probably have carrots and hummus or guac n veggies.

DINNER: Same as lunch today. The goal is to have 60-80% salad and 20-40% of the Buddha Bowl


At home workout with crazy awesome fitness psycho Zuzanna 
Thumbnail  At home coffee talk and workout! 

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