Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cleansing and Preparing

200 Juices and Smoothies  Amazing recipes....I skip the yogurt additions...but the juices are killer
Care package items for one of my bestest friends over in Iraq...Ain't a gluten free thing in that pile!
And that's NOT all of it.

Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
Hmmmmm I made some spicy Cajun "beanballs" from

Okay...I am in the midst of the MOST MAJOR thing to happen in my life (aside from Kay's brain surgery duh) in a long time. It's consuming most of my time...all of my energy....and ....just taking over for now. Bear with me. It's awesome!

The Crazy Sexy Cleanse is rocking. I had a little "situation" with some vegan nachos...but oh well. Also, I haven't been juicing much, but rather doing green smoothies in the morning. I have the ingredients to juice, I'm just not doing it. I have to workout in the morning and juice ain't cutting it. I tried holding my workouts off until later in the day, but it messes with my flow. For example, today we had a school delay so my workout hasn't gotten done yet. I dont' see my workouts as chores most days and want and crave that 45 minutes to myself...ahhhhh

Back to the point...I am keeping a "cleanse mentality" and following most all of the cleanse principles (1) juices/smoothies til noon; (2) vegan-duh; (3) gluten free; (4) no alcohol-duh; and (5) 60-80% fresh living shit on my plate at lunch and dinner.... whoa! yea! For about two days I felt like shit on toast and had a massive headache, but it's all good now.

About working out at home...There will be SO much more to come on this in about two weeks..but for now...suffice it say...I don't have a real preference, but I truly do love working out at home. I'm the opposite of most people. Most people believe that the gym is a godsend and working out at home is where you do "extra" stuff. NO NO NO. for me....working out at HOME is priority, and going to the gym is for extra stuff like a few machines whose movement I can't simulate at home (leg press, leg extension, hamstring curl--I can kinda do the last one, but not really at home). So, I decided to refocus on what I know works for ME. When I initially lost 70+ lbs, it was done at home. I didn't join the gym until I was about 50 lbs down. I liked it and still LOVE it, but honestly the travel time blows...putting shit in the locker...changing (during winter)....round and round on the same machine...ick.

With the cold winter winds and all that I need to accomplish in a few short hours when Kay's at school, I need to save as much time as I can. So, I've been working out at home. I promise to share more about it in a few weeks.

Well, I am off to get Kennedy from school and see if I can do a workout with her here. Wish me luck. The spring is around the corner. Can you feel it? I can! Let's get in gear. Last summer I was getting ready to walk my daughter through brain surgery. This year, I want to celebrate every day of spring and summer by being outside and vibrantly alive. If you aren't living up to your fullest potential...start today. Start dreaming about the life you want. The body you want. It's all yours! It's just waiting for you to claim it.


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