Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crazy Sexy Day 2

Hey there!!!!!        Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It!

Yesterday was blah...we were iced and snowed in and my "cleanse" was a bit off...shhh I was home with Kennedy playing games, dancing, and hanging out. I couldn't blog because I rather dance in my undies to the oldies. So here it goes...

The black writing is Ms. Carr's own words....the red writing is where I throw my few cents in!
"You did it! Day 1 is over and you are one step closer to liberation. What you leave out of your diet is as important as what you include. The healthiest diets have one thing in common. They toss crappy food. This diet and lifestyle is the Rolls-Royce, and you deserve an elegant ride."

FOCUS: Embrace yourself-literally. You may feel tired and cranky today. Yesterday you started what is a major shift in your life and health- but it likely brought up all sorts of physical and emotional pangs. That's okay! Stop what you are doing right now (well, after you read my directions), take in a very deep breath, and raise your hands to the heavens. Let your capable hands meet in a prayer. Stretch your God pod and while you swoop your lovely arms down exhale all the air out and hug yourself. As you embrace your majesty, say this out loud: 'I LOVE YOU (fill in your name).' Repeat three times.
The visual of Kennedy and I doing this was hilarious! Oh my....remember that you can do your mediation however works best for YOU. Yesterday I did my mediation in the bathtub. Just me and one lovely vanilla candle...

PRAYER: May I know in my heart that I am precious, worthy, and divine (aka very fabulous!). When I move from my own private divinity, whatever I do is enough.

AFFIRMATION: I love my thighs. My skin is beautiful. My organs are healthy and powerful.
I totally believe all of these! Yes yes yes! (btw say yes more today)

GOD POD MAINTENANCE: It doesn't matter what time of day you do it- just do it! Exercise for thirty-five minutes. There is no way out of this, so don't try to wiggle. Oh,, and how's the meditation going, dear one? Don't blow it off, okay? Who cares if your mind stages a mutiny? What matters is that you show up.
It's my plan is to turn the radio on for 45 minutes and shake my ass with a green juice in one hand. Can't get to the gym??? Join me for a virtual dance party!

TIP: Plan meals ahead of time. It's a huge help! Though I'm not going to tell you what to eat every step of the way, that doesnt' mean you shouldn't strategize. Don't get caught with your dinner pants down, sister. Crack open your cookbooks, shop, and plot. Stack the odds for success in your favor.
Getting better about planning. I've always been a good planner, but now I am getting better and better. Plus I realized that keeping it simple and NOT overeating make it hella easy to plan.

Today I am feeling like relaxing and gathering myself. I have a great deal of school work to be done so I want to watch a movie this morning... Yummmmmm and then do some school work before dancing and running and errand or two before getting Kay....

See ya later with my menu!


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