Thursday, February 24, 2011

Days Come and Go

Ay yay yay...

The days are blowing by! I finished the cleanse last week and feel amazing. Some mornings I had oatmeal instead of a smoothie. It was freeeezzzziiinnng here and I just wanted something warm- no biggie.

The biggest thing I did was stop eating after 7 pm! Oh yea. The habit has stuck with me. I feel better in the morning. Hungry. That is why juice isn't seen as a "meal" to me per se, but rather a nutritional requirement like vitamins (1 cuke -or a half- ;1-2 stalks of celery; 1 apple; 1 lemon).

I have been busy finishing up my second master's degree. 5 classes to go. I have been so busy and spending a ton of time with Kennedy- quality mommie/daughter bonding. The usual- hunting for bugs in the cold; cocoa at midnite under the moon; snuggling in bed watching netflix on her itouch.

NO WE DON'T have an ipad ;-). I got an email from a reader saying that i should invest in an ipad for Kay. Uhhh no way dude-o. She has far too many gadgets. Our society always has us wanting more and more of everything. We are thusly convinced that the having of all of it will make things better/easier/faster. Not really. Then when it comes out the next year in pink..we want that one too!--okay maybe I am just describing myself, but now I know better.

I have been doing 15 minute daily workouts. They are sporadic. Some days a weight circuit. Some days just jumprope or the rebounder. The point is to take the tine and vlaue myself enough to do just 15 minutes during the busiest of times!

Here are a few pix of my current daily life

And of course...

Her shirt rocks: Peace love and Autism ;-)

Keep or start pushing on! Today is 2-24-11. Almost 2 months gone in 2011--still 9 left for major change. Pull out your journal and start dreaming: What do you wanna accomplish before 2011 is over with? What steps can get you there?

I love you,


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