Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loving Myself on Valentine's Day 2011

This valentine's day like so many before it, were focused on self-love and loving Kennedy. Ot is amazing to show love for our life partners, but it is equally (if not more) essential to tune into the love frequency for ourselves.

I started by getting up really early and working out. Made a 1.5 quart awesome vegan protein smoothie and journalled.

It really started with taking Kennedy out this weekend. We went to Baltimore! We saw Disney Princesses on Ice. Tiana (Disney's first Black princess was there!!) and we went to our favorite restaurant!

Real life Tiana

"All that jazz"

A unicorn!

Cacao. Almomd milk. Spirilina. Not better than what I make at home

Only a foodie is excited to find health food stores while out of town!

Almond butter for $5!!!! I bought like 4

The black history presentation materials. I went into her 1st grade and did a presentation and had lunch. I bought Kennedy one black rose for lunchtime.

My gift to myself. Well---one of em. ;-)

Yummy lentil loaf. We ate the entire thing!

See the heart shaped bowls????

By candlelight.....

Quinoa pasta with daiya over romaine with tahini dressing

Opening her cards. She also got Micheal Jackson for the Wii and a frog calendar and tons of funny socks.

The dozen of red roses that she got from her dad...awwwww

So, if you had a partner or spent it alone, you are valuable, worthy, and amazing. Remember to show yourself you love her/him everyday.

I am off to drink a green juice!


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