Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras! Back from the Flu

Kennedy and I both had the flu! Back to back and then at the same time...yuck. It has been Hades around here. We are finally really creeping back up out of that hole and into the world again. She missed one week of school and I missed one week of my entire life. Phew. It took a big blow out of me.

Watching a sick child is amazing. They don't want to eat. Just drink and rest. Why then did I think it necessary to wash the dishes, clean, etc??? Aside from the obvious that "If I don't do it, it won't get done", I had to remind myself to slow down and to sit down!
Of course being sick reminded me of how much I love my health and couldn't wait to have it back. Drinking green juice, doing tons of smoothies, watching movies and getting rest. I just "checked out" for a second.

I mentioned a while ago that I had a few great things in the works. Well, the BIGGEST is my possible move this Summer to New Orleans!!!!!!!! sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh Fingers crossed it will all work out. BUT, I have to find medical and educational care comporable to Kennedy's care here in PA. It is tough. I've been working on this for months now. I am on the fence about it. Thoughts? New Orleans is home and I miss having Kennedy around family/friends and warmth. She isn't fitting in out here and is having a tough time. Oh I dunno! Here is a video on alternative remedies to the flu/cold:

Alternative Treatments to Cold/Flu Symptoms

I have spent so much time in reflection while ill about what it is I want out of life. I look around sometimes and I see people who appear to have "it" all figured out. I am sure that is uncool to say or should I say admit, but it's honest. And honesty and authenticity are the spaces I am living in right now. And I wonder if I should be in the same place at 30 years old...then I remember...that I should be right where I am. And girl oh girl am I in a glorious position right now. I feel like all the bricks have fallen and I am rebuilding this amazing life. This amazing vision of myself that I only dreamed about years ago. Why has my road been so tough? I am not sure. I am grateful however, for lessons learned. I mean truly learned.

So, in the wake of this illness and my ever returning health, I'm reminded of how fantastic the human body is and I am honoring her with water, plant based vegan good food and rest...rest...rest. This week I want to dive back into my fitness plans starting tomorrow with a little walk/jog as I get back to running (why oh why after the three year old and the pine cone you might ask? I have been dreaming about it. Literally. So, super slow and steady I will make my reentry...injury free...walking more than running/jogging if need be. As an uninsured American I can't afford to be racking up the ER bills anymore...oh no. And I don't love the idea of ANY exercise so much that I'd hurt myself on purpose just to do it. So walking races will be done the place of RACING races. LOL.

Things I Remembered This Week:

*green juice ((any juice)) is glorious and amazing when dehydrated

*i miss resting...just lying in bed reading and writing...ahhh

*there is NOTHING that can't wait until tomorrow if I am ill

*i don't like sitting on the fone for long periods of time

*kennedy is doing so well that a bad cold/flu is my biggest concern right now ;-)

*i miss painting

*i am the master of my fate

I'm off to eat an orange (or 3) and get Kennedy from school. Enjoy your Mardi Gras!


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