Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Shenanigins and Day of Rest from Exercise

Forty one years ago in 1970, Earth Day was born. Now more than ever...we must pay attention.

  • National Resources Defense Council's staff did a short blog on Acting NOW.
  • The Huffington Post Green (love them!) posted (no pun intended) a great article asking if we can afford to go green anymore .
  • Please check out The Earth Day Network. Remember to check in ALL year long. It's Earth year :) Much like other holidays, I enjoy celebrating them on only one day, but I try to be conscious of them all year long (i.e. Valentine's day, Mother's Day, etc).

On the Earth Day Network, you can learn about Green Schools & Education, Advocacy, Energy, Transportaion, Sustainable living, Conservation and Biodiversity, Recycling & Waste Reduction, Water use and so much more. I believe that if more people knew better...they would do better. It isn't a matter of shaking our heads at people brushing their teeth wtih the water on, but rather educating them in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way about their options along this green path.For those that live this green life with me, remember the time when you were clueless and operate from that place.

After planting our sunflower (composter plans on hold until it is at least 55 degrees), we headed over to my friend's house for Easter fun! We didn't participate in the egg boiling because Kenendy couldn't understand why they were boiling baby eggs! But we did do lots of decorating and laughing. This Earth Day felt so magical as I shared this time with her and really tapped into that space where everything is as it should be. I pray that all can find it. I haven't found it in a partner...or in Kennedy...or in a career....but rather in my spirit. It lives in a deep, dark, mystical place in my soul that just knows that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be in this very moment...exhale...

This ties into Earth Day. People...go green. It isn't a choice, but rather a gentle command. We didn't inherit this planet from our parents, but rather are borrowing it from our children (forget where I read that), but please work to be mindful. It is super easy to think about going green. Let me help you. Click on any of the blogs below!

  • Upcycle Magazine Awesome DIY info on reusing materials to make everything. One of (if not) my favorite!
  • Natural Living in South Carolina Crazy cool down-to-earth life of a family living sustainably. So inspiring. Makes me really wish I owned my home- though most times I don't want to!
  • Raw Model Former 100% raw, 100% vegan turned sustainable, live-off-the-grid non vegan dude on a mission. I totally respect what he's into
  • Treehugger- Amazing site with all things eco. I subscribe to their newsletter
  • NYTimes Green Blog- Knowledge is power...that's all I'm saying
  • 365 Ways to Go Green- This guy took on a challenge to do something green for a year in 2010. I'm glad he left the blog up!
Now what are YOU going to do to be green????


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