Sunday, April 17, 2011

Failure on Raw?

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A super sweet blog reader (hey Eryn!:) left a comment saying how she thought she'd barf if she ate another raw thing! She wanted to know if there were any stories of gradually going 100% raw or maybe not going 100% at all and just being raw-concious. Let me tell you Eryn (and all else interested), raw is a journey NOT a destination! My decidion to go 100% raw (when I was 100%) happened over a year and half time period. I read tons of books. I looked at a zillion articles and I read blogs. I didn't want to feel  pressured or to feel less than because I wasn't ready.

I know if I had tried to dive into it back then in 2006, I would have failed miserably. By fail I mean= feel less than; guilt; low feelings of self-worth associated with the choice, etc. I honestly believe that eating tons of raw food is the healthiest possible lifestyle imagineable. I have never been more happy and at peace than when I ate 100% raw and when I keep my diet high raw. It's what keeps people coming back to the lifestyle over and over and over again. What "gurus" (that word is wayyyy overused) is that they don't tell you one thing.... EVERYBODY is difffernt. What worked for one may not work for you. You have to read all the stuff and sort through what best fits your lifestyle. If you are a single woman on the go who hates cooking...planning elaborate raw gourmet dishes probably isn't for you. It's all about getting educated and then getting motivated. (There is a really emotional post that I am putting up tomorrow all about motivation...amongst other things).

Tips for Starting Raw

  • Ask yourself WHY you want to go raw. Have you seen weightloss success for other people? Are you ready to get in control of your health? Been feeling sluggish lately? The answer to the question will determine SO much about your raw food journey and how long you stick with it.
  • Realize that you canNOT fail at raw if you don't stop trying. Some days I have 100% raw days and some days I barely have an apple after my cooked oatmeal. The weather plays a lot into it as does my stress gentle with yourself as you try to undo years and years of food conditioning.
  • Dare to figure out for yourself what works. Yes this one or that one has the "perfect raw story", but maybe they aren't parents like you are. Or maybe they live in a warm climate where good fruit is available 10 our of 12 months. Try not to compare yourself to anyone else and simply do the best YOU can do in your situation.
  • Design a raw week for yourself. Old school style. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. What will you eat for B/L/D? Grocery shop on Sunday to get the supplies for it. (Want me to post ideas...lemme know)
  • Pick raw foods/meals that you love. I like to look at my menu and salivate at the weekly choices! I wouldn't dare put a mixed beets salad as lunch on Monday because I would look for excuses and reasons to skip it and grab something ridiculous.
  • Pay attention to your EXCUSES and the lame lies that you tell yourself. You can work on the lies you tell others later, but start being honest with yourself. Why is this raw or vegan journey seemingly so difficult? Is there something else that you are working through right now that is making this "diet/lifestyle" change super difficult for you? (for me it surely is!)
  • Lastly, lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this process. Raw food is meant to be light, easy, delicious, and enjoyable. If you find yourself stressed out, broke, annoyed, is time to step back, grab a green smoothie and reboot your gears.
NO matter what happens in my life (and plenty is going on right now <---more on it tomorrow), I vow to remain 100% vegan and to continue finding myself on the raw road...even if I feel like I'm fighting to stay there. I don't profess to be a "guru" or anything like that. I am a single mom, hard-working American with a limited budget trying to change cultural standards and genetic norms to create vibrant living and health for me and my daughter. Join me!

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I am so grateful for my dedicated blog readers. You all have no idea with your comments/emails mean to me right now. I love you!



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