Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Autism- My Truth...The Blessing

Autism is a bitch. I can say that because my kiddo has Autism. I dare anyone challenge me on it. I see so many Autism after day...deluding themselves (IMO) that Autism is the best thing that ever happened to them. I'm here to tell you-- that is complete bullshit. Autism is real. Autism can be devastating. Autism fucking sucks. Now onto the good stuff ;-) Autism is magical. Autism is brilliant. Autism is sensitive. Autism is creative. It is so many things I never knew that I needed until she came along.

 With "1 in 110" being diagnosed, I am sure that whoever is reading directly knows someone affected by Autism, or you know someone who knows someone.

Cool sites to learn about Autism Info:
Great Autism Blogs- To See Thru the Eyes of Autism
Things that made a World of a Difference for my daughter:
  • Being vegan
  • Going GLUTEN FREE. I didn't wait for a Celiac diagnosis..I did it ASAP
  • All organics for her (in the first 18 months of the diagnosis)
  • Never seeing what she can't do...only what she can
  • Redefining "typical"
It's like Kris says about cancer, "It's not a gift because I wouldn't give it to you", but Autism has certainly blessed me. I see other parents worrying about the most trivial of things...never realizing the sheer gift it is for them to be able to hug and hold their growing child. Kennedy has severe Sensory Integration Dysfunction...she didn't want any touch for about 9-12 months. I'd hold her kicking and screaming just to give her a kiss and tell her that I loved her. :-)

So the next time you see a meltdown happening in a grocery store, don't assume that the mother can't control her kid, realize that s/he may be "1 in 110". Turn away. Or better yet hold the door for her.

I love you Kennedy. Yesterday. Tomorrow. Forever.


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