Thursday, May 5, 2011

May is International Chick Lit Month!

Yea! I love reading. Love love love reading. Yes I do. And I have passed the love on to my daughter which I am immensely proud about. I haven't written much about reading here on the "food/fitness" blog, but I will start another blog (hopefully before the weekend is over). It will be a short simple blog called "Reading and Running" :) To chronicle my "treadmill races" and my reading adventures. All girlie girl fun. I hope you'll like it.

This month celebrates !! I have always been a reader and loved to escape with a good book. Being the true girlie girl that I am..chick lit became my love years and years ago. I have been immersed in reading academic books FOREVER, but manage to get my chick lit love in on my way to sleep or in my twice weekly long hot bubble epsom salt bath. To me...there is nothing like  a hot bath, a cup of amazing organic tea, and a good feel-good novel. I have an entire line up waiting to be read. I keep a zillion on my Kindle! I don't care about the Nook or the other color ereaders, I love books in print and holding an actual novel. My Kindle is amazing for books on the go or to be able to read ANY and everywhere. My daughter loves it too. I may get her a Nook Color for her 7th bday. Shhhhhh

I recently finished Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin and started Something Blue. Amazing amazing Chick Lit at it's very girlie best. I am going with a girlfriend to see Something Borrowed on Saturday afternoon and I am soooooo excited. Just like for all girlie Chick Flicks, I dress really cute and sneak in tons of snacks. I can't wait to give you a review of the movie. Besides...ANYTHING that Kate Hudson is a thumbs up for me.

Something Borrowed Movie Trailer

I am actually thinking of starting a book club near my house. I wonder how many people would show up?? Guess I won't know until I try right? I will certainly keep you posted.

In other news... FINALLY made my way back to the gym today. Kennedy slept thru the nite for the first time in 2 weeks. Please God let her feel back 100% soon. I am off to put her to bed and deep condition my hair.

What are you reading?

Chick Lit Sites to Check out:
There are mini sub-genres of Chick Lit (i.e. Mystery/Suspense; Paranormal/Sci Fi; British; African American). I enjoy most all of them, but I go through phases. Below is a list of both White and Black authors that I adore. I don't see "color" in reading fiction. Each group gives a great spin to life and as a "woman" in general, I relate wholeheartedly to ALL of it.

Chick Lit Authors to Check out:
  • Jennifer Coburn
  • Emily Giffin
  • Jane Green
  • Sophie Kinsella
  • Jennifer Weiner
  • Helen Fielding
  • Lyah Beth LeFlore
  • Charolette Burley
  • Kimberla Lawson Roby


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