Friday, June 3, 2011

Day One Cleanse Recap

I kicked it off with a BANG!!!!! Hadn't had much sleep the nite before. I watched a documentary and then movie about human trafficking (a passion of mine) and I was devastated. Cried for hours and couldn't go to sleep until after 3 am!

Up at 6 am with Kennedy. Yesterday I had:
  • 16 oz of water with lemon
  • Women's Energy Yogi Tea
  • 1.5 quarts green smoothie: spinach, swiss chard (from my garden!), 3 bananas, spirulina, cacaco, coconut milk (not raw)
  • 1 quart smoothie: 3 bananas, spirulina, hemp/maca/protein
  • Huge salad: 6 different kinds of sprouts, 1 whole avocado, 2 tbsps nutritional yeast, 1 tbsp hemp seeds, 2 c sauerkraut
  • 40 minute walk outside in nature...easy breezy

  • I love the feeling of intention and focus. I sat my butt on the meditation pillow and poured out my soul to God. I wrote and wrote until my fingers were numb and then I sat in semi-silence (Kennedy was singing in the other room) and felt covered in peace.
  • Aside from trying to jumpstart some weightloss, slowing down my digestion feels good. I love reinventing ways to save money while eating high/mainly raw and always vegan. It feels good. I now don't compare my diet to anyone else's. I know what's good for my body and my wallets. (this is something I had to work on). For a while I would secretly wish that I afford more superfoods, raw treats...but that is NOT a good frequency to live in. I snapped out of that quickly and found myself loving the clean vegan foods I eat -cooked or raw!
Day 2 is going well so far today. I have some womanly *issues* today so I am going to have a spa nite today equipped with a facial, bodyscrub, and a long, leisurely soak!

Is anybody with me?? Come on, this is the perfect month to start getting fit for real! From the inside out

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Cleanse Will Start June 2nd

Okay. The heat index was 99 degrees today. Yes I was walking and walking in the heat. My VW Bug was in the shop since last nite and it was dreadfully hot as I waited around for her to be done. With the exception of my mechanic SLAMMING her up and down over a speedbump, she is doing wonderfully well. I should post pictures of her car is my baby...I grew up in that car. I almost got a new car when Kennedy was born (hello four doors) and then after her surgery (hello four doors) and last week when she broke down. Truth is...I love her and I can't think about letting her go. She used to be covered in bumperstickers and I had them removed when I almost traded her in.

NOW she will be delicately covered in daisies! Yes you read that right. DAISIES. A mom from Kennedy's school overhead me talking about it and she actually said, "Please do NOT do that to your car. That is ridiculous". After giving her the "bitch who was talking to you look", I carried on with my conversation that was all about how much I love my ultimate hippie machine. The backseat is covered in Autism pattern material (so super cool)...enuff about her, I will have to post pix soon.

I wanted the cleanse to start today, but I was simply not prepared. Waited too long to eat...etc. Recipe for disaster. I feel sluggish and tired and am not resting, so my system totally NEEDS a spruce. My heart needs more cardio and so I will chronicle all the details of my adventure starting tomorrow. I am also starting my Summer cleaning tomorrow. Kitchen first, then downstairs bathroom, then Kay's toyroom, then living room. I'll be taking a break after that to rest and study for my CPT.

Spiritually: I've been meditating more, praying more, pouring my heart and soul out to God more. As a result, I can feel myself shifting. Wow. It is awesome. If you are going through anything right now (who isn't) and you simply can't move past it, I suggest
  • sitting your ass down a pillow (any pillow) and just letting it go. Even if you hear car horns in your mind...start.
  • Set a timer for a few minutes and just let go.
  • Write about how it made you feel
  • Realize there is no right or wrong way to do it...starting now is what matters
So, if you are feeling sluggish, wanna kickstart your weightloss, wanna get out of a funk...follow along with my cleanse and jump right in! All you will need are:
  • Blender to make smoothies
  • Juicer or blender and paint strainer/nut mylk bag
  • Access to a zillion ounces of pure fresh water
  • Enema bag (optional)
  • Journal
  • Salad ingredients
  • Feet/hands (I will list bodyweight and dumbbell exercises- all can be done at home or the gym)
Half of 2011 is over. Not seeing what you want to right now?? Don't bitch or complain. DO SOMETHING. I am. Join me. Let's make change happen


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