Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Rough Day and the Yoga of Being Clean

I am having a tough week and today was  a particularly tough day. When I don't make time for exercise (even 10 minutes) my entire day is off. That has happened a few times this week. Today I had 2 GF cupcakes too! It isn't the cupcakes that are upsetting...I don't get mad at food, it is the fact that in an upset emotional moment, I ate them :(

I have class tonite from 9- almost midnite, but tomorrow I WILL be making time for my workout. I guess these two days off weren't so bad because my hip flexors, psoas, and hamstrings were KILLING me from the deadlifts I did at home the other day!

When you are feeling stressed have you ever realized that the energy follows you? From the car, to the house, back outside etc. I found a great article that helped me to put a few things in perspective today....

Saucha - Cleanliness in Yoga - Part I

By Aadil Palkhivala

In yoga, cleanliness is called saucha, and is very important on the yoga path. I hope this article will help explain the reason for its importance.

Why saucha? Patanjali places saucha as the very first niyama, the first step towards self-exploration. Why would Patanjali give this much importance to cleanliness? Saucha is the foundation of niyama, or personal discipline. The reason is energy. When the body is dirty, it is holding onto past energy.

When clothes are dirty, they are holding onto past energy. When the house is dirty, it is also holding onto past energy. It's like a weight that the house caries. I'm sure you've discovered that when you have just cleaned up the whole house, vacuumed it, cleared out the cobwebs, changed the sheets, then it feels lighter, it feels brighter, it feels more alive. That is because you've removed a layer of the past. So, instructing students to be clean is instructing them to remove layers of the past and move into the present. To be cleaner is to become lighter, to become brighter, to shed a layer of yesterday and become more present in the moment.

Also, saucha enhances sensitivity-sensitivity to your own body smell and sensitivity to the negative feelings that dirt brings. These gross sensitivities have to be cultivated for the later limbs of yoga which require extreme sensitivity.

Often we hear the argument that we should not be obsessed with dirt, because dirt is God as well. Although obsession for anything is unyogic and dirt, of course, has God in it, everything in the universe has its place. We would not try to wash our bodies with cow dung, even though cow dung is God, because our skin is not the appropriate place for cow dung to be. In the same way, the appropriate place for dirt is not in the house or on the body.

First comes cleanliness of the physical body. That is, having a shower, making sure the body does not have an odor. No dirt under the nails. Clean hair. It all starts with the body. Number one is body. Number two is clothing--that which touches the body. Not using the same clothes twice if they have been worn for any length of time. Washing clothes constantly. Using clean towels to wipe the body after a shower.

Then comes that which the body and the clothes are in, which are the house and the car. One of the elements of a clean house is not wearing shoes inside it. The reason for this is to keep the sanctity of the home. Shoes bring the energy of the outer world into our home. Another element of a clean home is to rinse our hands immediately upon entering the house to clear the energy of the outer world. Doing these two things, you will find that the house starts to build its own energy--which is a reflection of your cleaner energy--rather than being a dilution of the energies of the outer world. Otherwise these energies of the outer world flow in and out, thereby diluting your own energy when you are in the house.
Aadil Palkhivala©2008
Aadil is the author of "Fire of Love", a book for Teachers of Yoga and Students of Life.

Tomorrow: Workouts :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Eating and Cooking

I am so tired today. Phew. Not sure why.aybe it was my single-legged deadlifts yesterday :-)

Basically my diet has been effortlessly simple. Truth is that after years of chasing the perfect diet/eating style- I have found the one for me. Simple- natural- vegan- plant-based eating. As long as it is fresh, minimally processed (think Gluten Free oats) then I am happy. I have no "cravings" and still eat muffins, burgers, fries (think sweet potato).

This way of eating will take me to my 100th birthday. No extra special powders or potions- although I love Sunwarrior Protein Powder- but I don't have any now and don't have any anyway.

Here are some random dinners Kay and I have been having. I can post some recipes in another post. I like to show that you can still eat all the "good" foods while keeping to plant-based low-fat!!

Ohhhhh I am hungry now!

Your Vegan Trainer <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Certified Baby!! :)

Okay. I have a smile as big as the Atlantic Ocean right now. :) I have not forgotten my "daily blog" promise, just know that now if I step away for a day or two it is for damn good cause. I talk about the solo-single-mom operation that I have running over here and that sometimes mandates extra time spent with Kennedy...or she may not be sleepy and thereby my blogging time becomes nonexistent.

Anywho, I have been up day and nite finishing the almost two year process of studying for my training exam....guess what???? Aced it!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. Now I get to certifiably bring the world my awesome tips for how to be lean and sexy. And charge my in-person clients (for now) so that I can provide for my baby girl! exhale....

I tell ya, if you are "behind" on things in your life--Make a plan, map a chart, and start tiny step by tiny step. I am a woman who has had every situation imaginable against me (as some would say) and I have persevered. I have an unwavering faith in myself.

So, regular food/recipe/workout blogging will commence tomorrow. For today, I have to thank my daugther for inspiring me and possibly make some GF pizza from scratch again...hummmmm :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Try Living Life

This is a short n quick post. Today I had a blast just living my life. Kennedy and I went outside to ride bikes, use the scooter, run up the hill, and laugh!

Her is Pink Pattie waiting for me to get back on.

Side of my development

I stayed out even as the sun was setting!

Here is dinner. This Lentil Veggie soup was amazing! (recipe tomorrow)

I am getting sniffly so I am turning in early tomorrow is a DOR so I will blog earlier in day.

I hope that you are taking care of yourself. Dis you live life today? Or sis it pass without you?

Lovingly added by Jayna'

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exercise, Eats, and I found YOU a FREE PERSONAL TRAINER!!!!!!!

The secret is at the bottom so keep reading :)

Today was so insane. I had so much to do. Kennedy has been out of school since Wednesday and I haven't gotten anything done around the house. Without water it is difficult to survive! My heart goes out to those still displaced and trying to make sense of their flooded homes.

Anywho, I did Kennedy's lovely hair (can we say an hour and a half) and then we geared up for the store. I have my menu all mapped out for the week (not sure what day we will eat what on yet), but shopped for all the veggies and school snacks.

Today I did a ton of cooking from (gee guess what) Appetite for Reduction ! You wanna eat plant-based and low-fat that's where to go. Fa real. That brings me to my first point:


I have finally, finally, finally, finally found the way of eating that makes 100% sense to me! I am dead damn kinda broke, so I make due with what I have but, the 100% solution for me is:  LOW-FAT PLANT-BASED VEGAN! That's right. NO processed:
  • cereal
  • GF waffles
  • GF bread (making my own)
  • candies
  • pies
  • ice creams
  • etc.
The best thing is that I still eat all of those things! I just make them myself thereby bypassing the processed end of things. This is the diet I will die eating. When I was 100% raw I loved it and felt amazing, but honestly I kinda craved hot soup... rice...etc. I felt like it made me a total loser sellout to go back eating cooked food after so long eating raw. But here is where I found the SECRET that I want to share with you...

The benefits of eating raw is more about what you leave out, than what you add in =D>

Whoa! I know someone out there is shaking their head saying, "Oh no! She is wrong" And you are okay to say that. I am telling those who have been where I have been, that it's okay. Cooked food is OKAY. :)

Are there a myriad of benefits to raw food??? Duh! But, the truth is that the "so long as it's raw" myth is just that...a myth. I came into the movement believing pie for breakfast and pizza for dinner was the best thing ever. Didn't take me long before I was surviving and NOT thriving on raw.

Every one that I know personally who was heavy in the movement as a 100% raw person isn't anymore. With the exception of Angela and Matt . For me, it makes more sense to eat slightly seasonally, locally when possible, sustainably, and simply. The last word changes it all.

SIMPLE. Don't you want a lifestyle that's simple? I sure do. I don't want to spend my time so obsessed with whether something is raw (oh no it has maple syrup, I can't eat that!) and take my precious time away from doing something important in the world . This leads me to my final point...

I FOUND A FREE PERSONAL TRAINER FOR MY READERS (however few there are :)) )....that trainer is....
ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's's M-E. Jayna' (pronounced Jah-Nay) I am so excited to bring this to you all. I have a few loyal readers who have been checking in with me and I just wanna take a second and say thank you.

As the blog continues and grows (as I made a commitment to blog daily now), you will get to see exactly how strenuous my life and schedule really is. As a single mom of a kiddo with special needs...stuff gets tight. I am super broke and have been unemployed since last June (2010) right before Kennedy's brain surgery. Most companies LOVE me, but don't want to hire me with a sick kiddo. Well, God has been helping me make a way and I've cut tons of corners (doing a post about budgeting this week) I want to give back.

I am super busy studying for the crazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy GRE, but will take on 3 clients per month. I will be getting started with applications in October and will start the training on or about November 1st! How awesome is this?

If you wanna be trained/coached by me all you have to do is subject a short essay. I will post the question later. So as not to occupy this blog with all of that (all the time) I created another blog where you can check me out then. There is NOTHING on the site now, but if you wanna bookmark it for later it's Coach Jayna'. And don't worry, if you aren't one of the three I choose per month...drumroll...I'm going to be posting vlogs, and youtube videos!!!! Complete with exercises and full workout videos! Yep...that's right! I am so happy to bring this out!

I have 9 years of Psychology training and I want to help women tie the mental and the physical aspects of this journey together. This free training/coaching will be for women who cannot afford training.

I know what is like to be at the end of your rope with nowhere to money...and no motivation. I'll have a "donate" button on the site and hopefully people will be inspired to give. I will accept donations (as small as $1.00 :) )most of which I'd like to funnel back into the site.

My style will be:
  • At-home workouts
  • Done in 45 or less (mainly less)
  • Recipes, menus of 100% plant-based vegan food on a budget

As the time draws nearer I will be giving TONS of information about changes to the site, videos, etc. I do ultimately want to use my personal training certification (exam this Friday) to earn income, but for now I am compelled to do this. I had a "friend" tell me that I had a poverty conscious and I enjoy being poor...that I had no business sense...etc. I was hurt by her words, but didn't take it personally. Yes I grew up in extreme poverty-extreme- but I don't fear money.I simply see a void..and I want to fill it.

Buddha said "give the very thing you want".
So here I am.


P.S. I don't really get that many comments, so anyone out there want to tell me what they'd like to see on that site? Or this one? Questions?

Up next on the blog:
  • Inspiring youtube at-home fitness videos to get you started
  • Inspiring weight loss stories of plant-based vegans
  • Trailer of Fork Over Knives

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunny Saturday's Sneaky Fitness

Hey Saturday Sistas (and Brothas:-) it me or is it super hot and sunshiney in PA??? It is awesome. Beautiful weather that noone predicted--even better. I slept in late after watching Red State Poster Red State On Demand. For $9.99 I was freaked out for about 2 hours. OMG...I couldn't sleep afterwards. At 2 am I dosed off...Kennedy is becoming such a big gyrl. She awoke at 7 and watched t.v. so mom could "get her rest" :)

I got out of bed at 9:40 (yes you read that right), 9:40- I never sleep past 7:15~~~ it felt like Christmas :-) I immediately started cleaning up. All the days of not being able to use the water have KILLED the clean freak inside of me.

Afterwards, I decided to *sneak* in a workout in my room! Normally I announce to Kennedy that "mommie needs to go be fit", but today I decided to just creep up the steps and get to it. (Tomorrow's post will be ALL diet, workouts, and SURPRISES :) I was pouring buckets of sweat by the time she found me and joined in!

After she left out, I did a few more minutes of ballet inspired moves and my weekly challenge (more tomorrow) and called it quits. 50 sweaty minutes total. I have a goal to pretty much never exceed 45-60 minutes per training sessions.... but then again...more later.

Today we enjoyed:

Lunch Picnic inside. Kay ate: GF vegan grilled cheese, Salt n Vinegar chips and an orange

 Tweeking a recipe from Appetite for Reduction ! Cajun BeanBalls and Red Gravy (as we call it in New Orleans :)

I seriously changed this recipe. Look at Kennedy's self-portrait in the background. I love it!

Kennedy and I shaped the mixture into balls                        But not before we mushed it all around by hand



Yummy Vegan Plant-Based "beanballs" are ready!                                 "sooooooooooo good mom"

 The salads were great. Romaine/nut yeast/herbamare/lemon= Kennedy

Romaine/tomato/ginger dressing= me
Here is my next dream car! A Honda Fit!!!!!!!

My lovely view in Blue Betty the Awesome Hippie Beetle!


I am off to have a fun nite with my girl and watch a Lifetime Movie while studying (shhhhh). See ya tomorrow. Let me leave you with a tiny clue about what I've been up to....


"If you want to meet someone who can fix any situation you don't like, who can bring you happuiness in spite of what other people say or believe, look in a mirror and say this magic word: Hello"- Richard Bach

Coming up tomorrow:
  • Plant-Based Eating: The good, the lazy, the beautiful
  • Training (workout)
  • The SURPRISE! (yesssssssss)


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