Monday, September 19, 2011

Eating and Cooking

I am so tired today. Phew. Not sure why.aybe it was my single-legged deadlifts yesterday :-)

Basically my diet has been effortlessly simple. Truth is that after years of chasing the perfect diet/eating style- I have found the one for me. Simple- natural- vegan- plant-based eating. As long as it is fresh, minimally processed (think Gluten Free oats) then I am happy. I have no "cravings" and still eat muffins, burgers, fries (think sweet potato).

This way of eating will take me to my 100th birthday. No extra special powders or potions- although I love Sunwarrior Protein Powder- but I don't have any now and don't have any anyway.

Here are some random dinners Kay and I have been having. I can post some recipes in another post. I like to show that you can still eat all the "good" foods while keeping to plant-based low-fat!!

Ohhhhh I am hungry now!

Your Vegan Trainer <3


Lina40 said...

omg everything looks sooo yummy! How do you get your girl to eat broccoli and other veggies? that is where I am banging my head up against a wall. my 2yo will only eat carrots and maybe some asparagus here and some sweet potatoes there. advice would be awesome!

VeganFitMama said...

@Lina- Sorry it took me a while to respond to you! It has been super bananas over here. Here's my tip for veggie eating for kids... feed them what they like!

My experience is that trying to force her to eat things NEVER works. I slowly introduce new foods and veggies by eating them myself FIRST and then putting tiny portions on her plate. After about 2 weeks she will try it and it's a 50/50 that she likes it. It's worth the trouble to me!


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