Monday, September 19, 2011

Eating and Cooking

I am so tired today. Phew. Not sure why.aybe it was my single-legged deadlifts yesterday :-)

Basically my diet has been effortlessly simple. Truth is that after years of chasing the perfect diet/eating style- I have found the one for me. Simple- natural- vegan- plant-based eating. As long as it is fresh, minimally processed (think Gluten Free oats) then I am happy. I have no "cravings" and still eat muffins, burgers, fries (think sweet potato).

This way of eating will take me to my 100th birthday. No extra special powders or potions- although I love Sunwarrior Protein Powder- but I don't have any now and don't have any anyway.

Here are some random dinners Kay and I have been having. I can post some recipes in another post. I like to show that you can still eat all the "good" foods while keeping to plant-based low-fat!!

Ohhhhh I am hungry now!

Your Vegan Trainer <3


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