Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Certified Baby!! :)

Okay. I have a smile as big as the Atlantic Ocean right now. :) I have not forgotten my "daily blog" promise, just know that now if I step away for a day or two it is for damn good cause. I talk about the solo-single-mom operation that I have running over here and that sometimes mandates extra time spent with Kennedy...or she may not be sleepy and thereby my blogging time becomes nonexistent.

Anywho, I have been up day and nite finishing the almost two year process of studying for my training exam....guess what???? Aced it!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. Now I get to certifiably bring the world my awesome tips for how to be lean and sexy. And charge my in-person clients (for now) so that I can provide for my baby girl! exhale....

I tell ya, if you are "behind" on things in your life--Make a plan, map a chart, and start tiny step by tiny step. I am a woman who has had every situation imaginable against me (as some would say) and I have persevered. I have an unwavering faith in myself.

So, regular food/recipe/workout blogging will commence tomorrow. For today, I have to thank my daugther for inspiring me and possibly make some GF pizza from scratch again...hummmmm :)


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