Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So Many Changes...Here I am!

I know...I know.... Where have I been? I have been changing. Growing. Learning from past mistakes and taking time to love my daughter. I am a happier, more sane, awesome individual as a result. Always know that I will come back to this blog (but I'll actually never have to leave it again :)- more on that this week).

Tomorow I will give a pretty lengthy recap of my Summer 2011. It was a long one, but a ton got accomplished.

This week on the blog I will....

*Recap my long summer (hope it won't bore you)
*Tell you what I've been eating
*Redesign my blog (hope it works...I'm a solo operation over here:)
*Tell you BIG will LOVE IT. (I hope)
*Tell you my fitness revelation(s)

I miss you all and for those who wrote me while I was absent! It meant so much to me. Always know that I will come back to this blog. I am finally in a place in my life where I won't have to step away from the blog EVER again. I'll explain that as well this week.


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