Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer 2011 June- August (Part 1 of 2)

I started this Summer off thinking about last Summer. The Summer of Dreams 2010 tour that took us to Farm Sanctuary, The White House, and to several awesome places in Pennsylvania.

I had this deep urge to go inwards and reflect. I thought about how happy she was leading up to her surgery and how well she recovered (albeit it difficult). She is my hero. I was "distant" on the blog (which all will change starting now), because I was living in so much fear. Fear for her life. Fear for my sanity.

If you have ever had a child on death's door, then you know what I am talking about. I have made my mind up to be honest, straightforward and to use this blog for what I originally intended it for...To show my daily inspire and ot motivate.

So bear with me as I open up my life to you (good and the bad) and hope that you all can get something from it :)

Here are some photos I reflected on from Summer of Dreams 2010 
 Kennedy and a Cow at Farm Sanctuary
 Kennedy and I outside of the White House
 Kennedy meditating for peace outside of the White House
 Post Surgery...In the Intermediate Unit...playing DS...
 In ICU...feeling really sick.....
 AT home post surgery. After 4 rounds of adult steroids. She wore a headwrap and therefore so did I :)
 Fifth round of steroids...pretty in her dress
 Back at the neurosurgeon's office. Drawing him a picture to thank him for "saving my precious life"
 Dance party with Halo the dog!
 Goalie for her soccer team! "The Wall" is her nickname!!
 Thinking about life....
 Leaving the hospital after a scan....
 Mommie and daughter nail time....
 Visiting Penn State with mom to talk to old professors. She has been on a college campus more than some adults I know :)
 Reflected on my graduation from Penn State with my M.A. in Community Psych. LOVE my professor
 Kennedy and I excited about this amazing puppet show!
 Kennedy doing Jazz Hands
 THis summer (2011) I bought a vintage bike. Facing ALL my fears from now on (more on another post). Started wtih this hippie baby...but returned her after I almost DIED on side of the roads. Faulty breaks. Smh.
 Replaced her with "Pink Pattie"...I LOVE her. The kids in my neighborhood helped me a lot this summer with riding!

 Turned my VW Beetle from this...

Into THIS!!! A true reflection of my inner hippie-ness :)
Getting back into shape this Summer! Look at my ass :)

More tomorrow on the rest of the summer (July and August) and what you can expect on my new and improved daily blog! Don't forget...something AWESOME will be revealed this weekend :)

Question: What ONE thing did you do this summer that was awesome???


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