Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer 2011 June- August (Part 2 of 2)

Okay, with all the hurricanes brewing, the East Coast is being SLAMMED with torrencial downpours and floods. Many blessings to the families who lost loved ones this heart pours out to you.

We are without water right now and praying the Susquehanna River lays low. Tons have been evacuated and I am grateful not to be one of them. I live kinda "high on a mountain" no pun intended. LOL.

Today is a DOR and I got in 20 Mins of yoga from my  all-time favorite yoga DVD- Shiva Rea Daily Energy. I'm also doing a weekly challenge right now...60 Kettlebell Swings, and 20 Pushups (on my knees). But more on all my exercises and the big secret later!

Let me get the second part to my Summer in Photos done today so I can move on to talk about all the great things that are up and coming (I am soooooo excited to share this with you all soon...eeek!). If you missed it, check out Summer 2011 June-August Part 1.

Kay's 7th B-Day
 Kennedy and her cousin Semaj... Getting ready for her party!
 The awesome party bags that I gave away! (Toothbrushes, tie-dyed socks, math bingo...etc)
 Kennedy in the kitchen loving her "Fairies" party theme..
 Party Phase III: Patio Pizza Picnic
 Bday girl sitting on the picnic blanket being serenaded...
 Party Phase IV: Sprinkler Hop Scotch
 Party Phase V: Group Painting on long canvas
 Kennedy loves it. She did foot painting!
 Party Phase VI: Walk to the Park!
 Skipped Photo of other phases, but here is the sleepover portion of the party. Watching Tinkerbell talking about Justin Beiber.
 Kennedy and Semaj going to her evaluation for TSS services!
 Semaj didn't listen to my rules! He went down the hill near my house and slammed into the mailbox! Hospital time...Kennedy told him that she "runs that hospital" and there was nothing to fear.
 Kennedy all smiles going to the pool.
 Kennedy and Semaj!
 Another Bday photo
 On the paddleboat in Baltimore...
 Kay catching fireflies!
 Two of our best friends in the neighborhood. Sweetest little girls.
 Midnite fireflies...
 Fireworks Party in our neighborhood...
 Cute outfit I got for my birthday from an old friend who sadly isn't a friend anymore :( CUTE shoes though:)
 Blazing hot summer days...
 Kay trying on Semaj's glasses
 Pink Pattie looking sharp!!!!!!!!
 Kay 4 Wheeling in the neighborhood
 Semaj and Kennedy and the neighborhood kids congregating in my driveway..see the cool Beetle in the background.
 Daisies from *a special someone* and my kitchen Buddha
 A fruity summer...
 Kennedy telling the ice-cream lady she is a vegan!! I did let her get a King Kone (HFCS)- gag, but she only two the entire summer...
 Semaj and Kennedy at Penn State. He has so much! He'd never been on a college campus...
 Midnite fairy bike riding...
 Birthday Day  Chosen Breakfast in bed (vegan cupcake with salt n vinegar chips and lemon water)

Lil Wayne Concert Hershey, PA August 2011! Killer seats. Keri Hilson...
Rick Ross! This guard was an asshole...really
Rick Ross's sweat hit my glasses when he slapped his towel on his jeans. lol
Lil Wayne tore it up!
My best pic of the nite... See the light coming in the right...
LOveD it!
Summer Sunset!
East Coast Nitetime Sky!
Coscto? Really? Christmas in August???? Kay loved it!
Impromptu Porch Picnic with our BFF from the neighborhood...
Halo on my bed...napping...
Stormy August...
Kay ready for the Hurricane...
First day of Second Grade! She picked out this outfit!! Love the owl with the glasses, Kay!
Kennedy's engraved bookbag and lunchbag. Thanks Auntie Cita! Kay is seeing her friend that she didn't see all summer long!
Fall 2011...back to the doctor now :( Blood work this week and a fully sedated MRI Sept. 28. Pray for her

So, here we are updated for the most part from our Summer. It was a long, hot, beautiful summer full of fun. We went to AZ (maybe I'll make a post one day with all the pix from that trip), swam indoors (for Kay's headaches), danced, partied, caught (and released) fireflies, laughed, played the Wii, and cooked. I had a blast with my daughter. Seeing as it is probably the last summer that I will be unemployed, I enjoyed every second of it. :)

Tell Me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"- Mary Oliver

Next on the blog:

*What I've been eating
*My fitness revelation
*The BIG news!!!!!!!


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