Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunny Saturday's Sneaky Fitness

Hey Saturday Sistas (and Brothas:-) it me or is it super hot and sunshiney in PA??? It is awesome. Beautiful weather that noone predicted--even better. I slept in late after watching Red State Poster Red State On Demand. For $9.99 I was freaked out for about 2 hours. OMG...I couldn't sleep afterwards. At 2 am I dosed off...Kennedy is becoming such a big gyrl. She awoke at 7 and watched t.v. so mom could "get her rest" :)

I got out of bed at 9:40 (yes you read that right), 9:40- I never sleep past 7:15~~~ it felt like Christmas :-) I immediately started cleaning up. All the days of not being able to use the water have KILLED the clean freak inside of me.

Afterwards, I decided to *sneak* in a workout in my room! Normally I announce to Kennedy that "mommie needs to go be fit", but today I decided to just creep up the steps and get to it. (Tomorrow's post will be ALL diet, workouts, and SURPRISES :) I was pouring buckets of sweat by the time she found me and joined in!

After she left out, I did a few more minutes of ballet inspired moves and my weekly challenge (more tomorrow) and called it quits. 50 sweaty minutes total. I have a goal to pretty much never exceed 45-60 minutes per training sessions.... but then again...more later.

Today we enjoyed:

Lunch Picnic inside. Kay ate: GF vegan grilled cheese, Salt n Vinegar chips and an orange

 Tweeking a recipe from Appetite for Reduction ! Cajun BeanBalls and Red Gravy (as we call it in New Orleans :)

I seriously changed this recipe. Look at Kennedy's self-portrait in the background. I love it!

Kennedy and I shaped the mixture into balls                        But not before we mushed it all around by hand



Yummy Vegan Plant-Based "beanballs" are ready!                                 "sooooooooooo good mom"

 The salads were great. Romaine/nut yeast/herbamare/lemon= Kennedy

Romaine/tomato/ginger dressing= me
Here is my next dream car! A Honda Fit!!!!!!!

My lovely view in Blue Betty the Awesome Hippie Beetle!


I am off to have a fun nite with my girl and watch a Lifetime Movie while studying (shhhhh). See ya tomorrow. Let me leave you with a tiny clue about what I've been up to....


"If you want to meet someone who can fix any situation you don't like, who can bring you happuiness in spite of what other people say or believe, look in a mirror and say this magic word: Hello"- Richard Bach

Coming up tomorrow:
  • Plant-Based Eating: The good, the lazy, the beautiful
  • Training (workout)
  • The SURPRISE! (yesssssssss)


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